• Good news, we are delighted to announce that FCUSD is allowing volunteers back on school sites to assist staff, when needed, indoors and out-of-doors.  Detailed information regarding the volunteer clearance process is outlined below:

    Existing Volunteers at Natoma Station

    1. Contact Jessica Hom by email to verify that your volunteer paperwork is up-to-date.
    2. Submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination (If you are not fully vaccinated, you will be required to test weekly.)***
    3. If your TB test result on file has expired, submit a current negative TB test result (TB test results are good for 4 years. TB X-rays do not expire, but a new questionnaire must be completed every four years.)

    New Volunteers to Natoma Station:

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Natoma Station Elementary.  Please follow the instructions below to become a volunteer. Jessica Hom - Parent Coordinator or office staff can answer any questions you may have regarding the volunteer process. 

    Requirements for volunteering are as follows:

    1. Complete CAT 2 Application Form (must be signed by both the volunteer and Principal).
    2. Review online the Volunteer Handbook, print and sign pages 20 & 22 (must be signed by both the volunteer and Principal)
    3. Complete Live Scan, taken at your convenience. If you have lived outside of California within the past 5 years you will also need to have an FBI background check. Make sure the FBI box is also checked (besides Level of Service) on your live scan form.  (Fingerprinting is offered at most UPS Stores, Live Scan Plus More, and More than a Mailbox. Take the FCUSD live scan form with you, which can be obtained by clicking the link or from the Parent Coordinator.)
    4. Up-to-date TB Clearance (tests can be done at any medical clinic or physician’s office or through the FCUSD TB Clinic)
    5. COVID vaccination card.  (If vaccinated, please provide proof of vaccination.  If you are not fully vaccinated, you will be required to test weekly.)***  
    6. Head shot for a volunteer badge
    7. Bring or email items 1, 2, 4, & 6 to the Parent Coordinator, Jessica Hom

    Once you’ve completed the volunteer requirements, the District Office will process accordingly.  The Live Scan is to be taken at your convenience and a report will be sent directly from the DOJ (Department of Justice) to the District Office. The district office will then advise the school site when you are cleared to volunteer on campus and will be contacted by the Parent Coordinator, Jessica Hom

    ***In order to meet Cal/OSHA requirements, unvaccinated volunteers must do one of the following each week in order to work on FCUSD campuses the following week:

    1. Complete and return a CovidDX PCR test to the school’s testing box, OR
    2. Complete a BinaxNow Rapid Antigen test during scheduled testing hours at ESC, OR
    3. Complete a Rapid Antigen test with site administrator, OR
    4. Provide results of negative test results from a physician or authorized testing facility.

    More information about BinaxNow: This is a new testing system FCUSD has for employees, students and volunteers. 

    Appointments will be scheduled five days a week at ESC to provide rapid antigen testing for employees, students and volunteers.

    Human Resources will notify the school site when the volunteer is cleared for work. The Parent Coordinator will then notify the cleared volunteer.

    All volunteers will be required to follow FCUSD’s current masking and safety guidelines when volunteering on campus.


    Category 1 Volunteers

    1. Complete the CAT 1 Application Form
    2. Submit Covid Card to jhom@fcusd.org

    ***Note: Category 1 Volunteers MAY NOT be left alone with students, take students to the restroom alone, lead a group alone without teacher supervision, or participate in any other situation that might compromise a student. Volunteers may not drive students. However, bus riding is okay with teacher supervision.


    Questions? Please email the parent coordinator, Jessica Hom


    The Governing Board recognizes that volunteer assistance in schools can enrich the educational programs, increase supervision of students, and contribute to school safety while strengthening the schools'' relationships within the community.  The Board encourages parents/guardians and other members of the community to share their time, knowledge, and abilities with students. (BP 1240).  

    FCUSD District Office - 1965 Birkmont Drive, Rancho Cordova, Monday-Friday between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm

    tel: 916-294-9000