Reporting Absences & Early Dismissals

  • Attendance Clerk: Tricia Rodriguez
    916-294-2450 ext. 810800 - this is a voicemail only phone line.
    Email:  - Email is a quick way to report an absence
    When reporting an absence, provide the following information. If by phone message, please CLEARLY provide the following:
    • CLEARLY SAY Students' first & last names, (please SPELL both names)
    • Date of absence
    • Reason for the absence
    • Who you are in relation to the student
    • A current contact number to reach you in case we have questions

    Parents cannot excuse early dismissals after-the-fact, nor single period absences within the school day. See pg. 9 of the Student Handbook for more information.

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    Hello Parents,

    This page is to advise you on procedures for reporting absences and requesting early dismissals for your student.


    Please report absences with the information provided above. The attendance line is checked every school day at approx. 8am, 10am, 12pm & 2pm. Vacations/out of town trips, family emergencies, personal issues/personal reasons, and DMV appointments are not excusable absences. Note: attendance cannot be changed/updated after 10 school days from the date of absence.


    Please do not wait until the last minute to request an early dismissal! If you need an early dismissal for your student, send your student with a parent/guardian written & signed note for them to deliver to the Admin Office in the morning, requesting the early dismissal. You may also email the Attendance Clerk in the morning, requesting an early dismissal. If you call for an early dismissal, please call/leave a message as early in the day as possible. The earlier we are notified, the better for your student being released early as requested. Parents cannot excuse early dismissals after-the-fact or single period absences within the school day
    Early dismissals during finals week are highly discouraged and will be marked ‘unexcused early dismissal’ (UED) in your students’ attendance.

    Please note: This is a very busy office. Students may be in PE or at lunch and last minute early dismissals can result in a 30 minute wait. If you know you have an appointment coming up, please give the Attendance Clerk advanced notice.


    Parents are allowed 10 parent-verified absences (IPV) for the school year. Illness, mental health day, and medical/dental appointments all count for this attendance code. Please obtain a note for any and all medical/dental appointments for your student to turn into the Admin Office as those would be medically verified absences (IMV). If you exceed the 10 IPVs and a medical/dental note is not turned into the Admin Office for those specific dates, we must mark your student’s absence ‘unexcused’ (UNX).

    Any health matters lasting beyond 3 consecutive weeks must contact Nurse Laura West or will be directed to the health office for further assistance.