• Attendance Clerk:
    Tricia Rodriguez
    916-294-2450 absence line is ext. 810800
    TRodriguez@fcusd.org  - Email is the best way to report an absence. 
    When reporting an absence, provide the following information. If by phone message, please CLEARLY and slowly state the following:
    • CLEARLY SAY Students' first and last names, (please SPELL both names)
    • Date of absence
    • Reason for the absence
    • Who you are in relation to the student
    • A current contact number to reach you in case we have questions
    • Parents cannot clear early dismissals after-the-fact or single period absences within the school day

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    Hello Parents,

    This letter is to advise you on what to do when your student is absent or must leave school early for an appointment. Note that parents are allowed to call in and excuse 10 sick days each school year. If a student has unexcused days not called in, those will count against the 10 sick days.

    #1 Student is home ill:

    Call 916-294-2450 extension 810800. You will be asked to leave a message and SPELL the last name of the student. State the reason for absence. Traveling and off-campus activities are not excused unless it is a pre-approved activity/field trip.  Parents have 3 days to notify the office to clear an absence. Flat tires, family emergencies/issues, leaving early for vacation are not valid excuses.

    #2 Early dismissal/doctor appointments:

    • Send student with a note in the morning to the attendance office and we will give them a pass to leave at the time you request in the note. 
    • Email the attendance clerk, Tricia Rodriquez at TRodriguez@fcusd.org
    • Call the attendance phone number (916-294-2450 ext 810800) and leave a message with the time you want to have your student dismissed.

    Please note, this is a very busy office.  Students may be in PE or lunch and last minute early dismissals can result in a 30 minute wait.  If you know you have an appointment coming up, please give advance notice.

    #3 Medical notes:

    These may be required to excuse an absence if you have a student that has been marked absent more than 10 times in a school year.  Medical notes are always a good idea because medically verified absences do not count against your 10 allowable parent absences for the year. Always get a note when you can. You may email or hand deliver medical notes. Any illnesses lasting beyond 6 weeks will be required to get a medical independent study. You must contact Nurse Laura West for that.

    #4 Independent Study:

    You can sign up for an independent study. A parent must come into the admin office to request Independent Study. This needs to be done two weeks in advance and requires approval by one of our assistant principals.