Below are some tips and protocols for attendance while your student attends Mitchell Middle School:


    10 IPV's - Parents are allowed to excuse 10 parent-verified absences each school year (IPV). This includes appointments, mental health days,and sick days. After 10 days, it will be unexcused (UNX), unless a doctor/ dentist note with a specific date of absence is provided. "Modified attendance" note from a doctor's office is NOT accepted.

    REPORTING ABSENCES- for a quicker way to report absences, please use the online form or email awashington@fcusd.org

    EARLY DISMISSALS-  Please call our admin office ahead of time.

    MEDICAL NOTES- For each of your student's medical appointments, please obtain a medical note and turn it in to the admin office. This excuses their absences and saves your aforementioned IPV's.

    ATTENDANCE ERRORS- If your student has been marked absent and you feel this has been an error, please have your student email their teacher and request a change of attendance.

    SHORT TERM INDEPENDENT STUDY- Going on a trip? Contact the admin office at least 2 weeks prior to requesting an independent study agreement.

    POWERSCHOOL- All parents/ guardians are encouraged to download the Powerschool app to their phone. The parent portal will grant you access to your student's grades, attendance and allow you to directly email their teachers.




    Activity (ACT)- School activity such as field trip

    Class Suspension (CLS)- Student is suspended from class

    Cut (CUT)- Student failed to appear in class as required, without parent knowledge

    Illness Medically Verified (IMV)-is used when the absence is verified with a note from a medical professional

    Illness Parent Verified (IPV)- for any student absence for physical or mental health reasons verified with a note or phone call from parent.

    Late (LTE)- Tardy less than 30 minutes

    No Contact (NOC)- Parent no contact to verify absence

    Office (OFC)- sent to the office 

    Present (PRE) -Present

    Religious (REL)- Religious holiday or ceremony; religious retreat

    Shots needed (IZ)

    Suspended (SUS)- Suspension (off campus)

    Tardy (TDY)- Over 30 minutes

    Unexcused (UNX)- Examples include vacation, family emergency, lack of interest in attending school, head lice 

    Unverified (UNV)- Unverified (temporary codes awaiting change to determine reason for absence)