Welcome to Human Resources

    Who We Are:
    The Human Resources department is about people.  Our employees are our business.  We help our administrators select the best candidates.  We keep their records, encourage their professional development, maintain safe work environment, follow all legal requirements and generally work towards the good of all FCUSD staff members. 
    What We Do:
    • Maintain hiring procedures and practices
    • Update and produce job descriptions
    • Work through issues and negotiate with bargaining units 
    Here you will find links that will help you with many of your employment questions.  We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the information provided.

Contact Us

  • Phone: (916) 294-9002
    Fax:     (916) 294-9021

    Phone:  (916) 294-9000 Ext. 104363
    Fax:      (916) 294-9022
    Assistant Superintendent,
    Human Resources
    Director, Human Resources
    Sherry Ekern  Ext 104410
    Administrative Secretary

    Sheryl Sharp Ext 104414
    Personnel Clerk II

    • LiveScan
    • Clerk Duties as Assigned
    Kristi Webber  Ext 104400
    Personnel Analyst
    • Certificated Management
    • Certificated Staff, Folsom
    Becky Marquez Ext 104411
    Personnel Technician
    • Classified Staff, Folsom and ESC
    • Instructional Assistant Subs
    • Backup for Certificated
    Charity Pelz Ext 104408
    Personnel Technician
    • Certificated Staff, Rancho Cordova and ESC
    • Certificated Staff, Adult Education
    • Talent Ed / Records & Perform
    Natalie Wilhite Ext 104407
    Personnel Technician
    • Certificated Substitutes
    • Classified Subs (Except IAs)
    • Student Teachers
    Tanya Larson Ext 104405
    Personnel Technician
    • Worker's Compensation
    • Unemployment
    • Leaves/FMLA/Disability, last names A through K
    Amy Garcia Ext 104406
    Personnel Technician
    • AESOP
    • Veritime
    • Leaves/FMLA/Disability, last name L through Z
    Ellen Zenobia Ext 104413
    Personnel Technician
    • Classified Staff, Rancho Cordova
    • Backup for Coaches
    Stephanie Petzold Ext 104409
    Personnel Technician
    • TB Clearances
    • Coaches
    • Volunteers
    • Backup for AESOP and Veritime