• Dear Sundahl Families,


    We are excited for Red Ribbon spirit activities and Halloween celebrations this coming week!

    Your help is needed! Sundahl PTA parent Kendall Mackey is coordinating decorations for Friday’s festivities. If you can loan blow-up Halloween decorations and extension cords or come to school Thursday afternoon or Friday morning to help decorate, please reach out to Kendall at kendallv21@gmail.com. We also need parents to help take down decorations Friday after school.

    School Site Council talked about safety at the back gate during their meeting last week. The back gate provides bike and pedestrian access to campus, but when cars pull into the section of Pine Grove Way adjacent to the gate, it creates a significant safety risk for students walking to school.

    We ask that if you are dropping off or picking up your child in a vehicle, you use the front school entrance. I put together a flyer with a visual which is attached to this email.

    Sundahl students love to run! Cumulatively our students have traveled 2,472 miles during Mileage Club. That’s equivalent to walking to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from Folsom! Three students have already completed a Mileage Club Marathon:

    • Anderson F
    • Everett K
    • William K

    And … 44 other students have hit the Half Marathon mark!

    Their names are below. Congratulations to all! And thank you to Lindsey Ziemann, PTA parent, for compiling the statistics!

    Keep checking our website for changes to the calendar (like November 5th) and details about special activities.  Miss Nicola also does an amazing job of capturing the goings-on around campus in the photos she posts to the site.

    Have a great week,

    David Frankel, Principal


    Half Marathon Students:

    • Isaac B
    • Frank C
    • Arianna G
    • Mark G
    • Ella M
    • Riley V
    • Elijah B
    • Tyler B
    • Jaxon E
    • Colin H
    • Anabel H
    • Daniel H
    • Haley M
    • Bia U
    • Mateo V
    • Ryder W
    • Amelia C
    • Colton C
    • Lucas G
    • Laney G
    • Chloe
    • Kora M
    • Darya M
    • Sally M
    • Kayla S
    • Lucas T
    • Kenneth A
    • Tessa B
    • Joshua B
    • Colin B
    • Genevieve D
    • Nora F
    • Paige F
    • Ava G
    • Makai G
    • Anthony H
    • Tatum H
    • Jay M
    • William M
    • Reegan M
    • Jordan M
    • Ava P
    • Hailey R
    • Kale S

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