• 2023-2024 AP Psychology Summer Homework

    Due on Day 1: August 8th for Term 1, January 2nd for Term 2

    1. Watch these 4 introductory Crash Course videos
      1. Intro to Psych
      2. Psych Research
      3. The Chemical Mind
      4. Getting to Know Your Brain
    2. Take personalized notes. For each video....
      1. Name/Date/Title on top
      2. Use 2+ different colors (ex: pencil + highlighter + colorful pen)
      3. Create or include 2+ different drawings/sketches/graphs  
      4. Create 2+ reflections at the end (ex: I'm curious about... I can connect ____ to ____...., I didn't YET understand...)
    3. Optional Extension: get an early start taking notes. You will have a digital textbook, but in the meantime, these are the class lectures we'll start with. Same directions as for the videos above.
      1. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ogqGzJC3omIIDtDNR0Cs1gq3OwfPfBvc?usp=share_link

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