• Welcome to Mr. Rossi's Construction Class



    To find information about your class, use Google Classroom.  The class code for each period is in the table below.  If you are not already in the Google Classroom, please see me for the code for your period to join.  In addition, there are several great tutorial websites.  These tools are for you to use to help you be successful in construction and the future! This year will be a new adventure and I look forward to a fun and exciting year!


    The main purpose of this class is for you will learn what types of careers are available for those willing to work hard and learn new things. We will learn the fundamentals of construction. The most important subject of this course is safety. We will cover safety with tools and on the jobsite, as well as how to correctly use personal protective equipment (PPE). Along with safety, employability skills are an area of study that is vital to students getting and maintaining employment. We will cover what it takes to be successful in the construction industry. We will engage in skill improving exercises, such as correct measurement practices, correct use of the equipment, and making precise cuts with different saws. Course Goals and Objectives: Upon successful and passing completion of the Construction Engineering program, students should be able to: 1. Perform the skills necessary for an entry level position in the construction field or post-secondary education. 2. Demonstrate pride and efficiency when performing customer service duties. 3. Demonstrate an understanding of the organizational structure of the industry. 4. Demonstrate proper work ethics and employability skills. 5. Demonstrate the ability to identify, use, and maintain tools and equipment. 6. Practice proper safety procedures when using tools, handling materials, or performing tasks. 7. Follow safety rules and regulations set up by the employer, the government, and OSHA. 8. Use appropriate planning and organization skills. 9. Develop leadership, interpersonal and technical skills needed in the work force. 10. Communicate effectively with employers, employees, and peers. 

    I value your safety in my class and make it a priority. My policy is to avoid ALL distractions in my class that may cause accidents. We will be using power tools that have the potential to cause serious bodily harm if used incorrectly or if distracted. Therefore, there is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY  for Cell Phones/Airpods/Devices in my class. I take them on sight and return them to the students after the school day is over. 





  • The best way to contact me is through the REMIND platform. It is a safe and secure messaging tool for teachers, students and parents to contact each other without giving out their cellphone number.

    For students to join:

    Period 2 - Text the message @P2Bita1 to the number 81010

    Period 3 - Text the message @P3Bita1 to the number 81010

    Period 5 - Text the message @P5Bita1 to the number 81010

    Period 6 - Text the message @P6Bita1 to the number 81010

    Period 7 - Text the message @P7Bita1n2 to the number 81010


    For Parents to join:

         Text the message @ParentRoss to the number 81010

    There is an app you can choose to download, but it is not necessary. It can be done entirely via text messaging.