• Hola, Marauder Family!

    I am Ms. Chloé Carrillo and I teach 6th grade Exploring Spanish. Students call me Profe Carrillo, or simply, Profe. Profe is a short and polite way to address a teacher that students in many Spanish-speaking countries use, and is short for Profesor(a), meaning teacher. 

    My love for Spanish culture and literature led me to earn a degree in Spanish and Hispanic Studies, to move to Madrid to teach, and to eventually return to California to continue teaching the language that I love for now a fourth year here at Mitchell!

    Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. Cheers to a great year of learning Spanish!

    ¡Vamos Marauders!

  • Contact Info

    Phone: 916-294-9050 ext. 720225

    Email: ccarrillo@fcusd.org