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    At Folsom Middle School, we provide a safe environment where all students are able to learn and grow and are empowered to make responsible life choices. 

    Folsom Middle School Vision: 

    Students, staff, and families work collaboratively to prepare students to be academically, socially, and emotionally capable.
    Students will develop appropriate coping skills and be able to communicate, be creative, think critically, and work individually
    and as a team to be prepared for future success.

    NOTICE!   Students are expected to be ready for classes, instruments in tune, and participate for the entire period.
    The natural consequence of leaving the class and not responding when called is a Zero for the day. 
    Please, I want to give all my students "A"s, don't make me give out Zeros!  

    Music class will move to Zoom.  Students must VERIFY their ZOOM account. Directions are in Google Classroom.

    Laptop Performance Suggestion.  To improve the performance of a laptop.

    1:  Shut off ALL non-essential programs.

    2:  To SIGNIFICANTLY improve network performance, use an ethernet cable and plug it directory into the Router/Modem.

    3:  Reduce other use of the internet, (streaming).

    Explorer Music Class Students must be able to tune their instrument and play several simple songs.  This will be a great introduction to making music 

    Our Chorus Class first priority is to learn to slowly and carefully warm up.   Singing requires the use and coordination of many muscles,
    and thus warming up is as important as an athletic competition.
    I have been posting best of class videos on vocal warmups and exercises.
    We are starting off with Bel Canto Singing, which means beautiful singing, in the Italian Style.
    Many of my students have expressed a love of science.  That's great,  once upon a time I was a science teacher and 
    I love the science of music.    This includes the nature and understanding of music and introduction to theory from a scientific view,
    the effect of music on the brain.     We will explore the science of how we learn and assimilate musical knowledge, and develop 
    muscle memory (technique).   This knowledge will help them in all future academic areas.

    It's no accident that so many great scientists and engineers are great musicians.  Einstein credited his abilities on his life-long love
    and interest in playing the violin.    


    "To play a wrong note is insignificant, to play without passion is unforgivable." Ludwig Beethoven.


    When this pandemic is over, we want to look back at this challenging time and take pride in how we were productive, improved ourselves, remained positive, helpful, and made the lives of people around us better.  Music is our secret weapon.


    Meeting Links 
    Have been removed for security purposes.


    Google Login Codes

     They have been removed for security purposes.                                     

    If necessary, I will create and run an updated Zoom Conference.
    We will get all this to work.  

    Conducting During Pandemic

                       Enter comments in chat if you need help.




    Music Classes have moved to Zoom Meetings for our classrooms.   
    It is essential that all Zoom accounts be verified with the school. 

    Directions on how to do that are in Google Classroom.

    Login information for the class is always in Google Classroom.

    Technical Problems:  If there are technical problems, and we are on the bleeding edge,
    I will communicate updated information to the 
    students in Google Classroom.

    Grades observed in Google Classroom, are meaningless.

    Formal Grades are in Power School.

    The students have been great.   We've all faced a huge challenge, and we all want to use this time
    productively.   Many of us have gone through a steep learning curve in a constantly changing 
    Information Technology environment.   This will have great value.  

    Part of my focus was to develop students' skills to successfully participate in virtual meetings.
    I repeat my request to have students keep their cameras on so I can determine what they need help on,
    what they understand, and correct technical mistakes. 

    I am available  Tuesday and Thursday from 11 to 12 by request and 2 to 3 by request.  
    Office Hours, Either in Person of Virtual Wednesday 11 to 12 or other times by request.

    Ukulele Class Students should know how to tune their instruments and play a collection of simple songs.
    Students are expected to be able to demonstrate the chords that we have introduced and play the chords to simple songs.

    All songs and chords are also in Google Classroom. 

    Choir students are introducing Vocal Warmups, Exercises, Ear Training, the Science of Singing, Tone, Breathing, Harmony,
    Concepts, the Elements of Music and Music Theory. 

    Bob Comarow