• Welcome to Chemistry! My name is Ms. Bernadett and I am excited to have each of your students this year in Chemistry. Please use the codes below to join the correct Google Classroom period:


    Per. 1 Chemistry - p2wxvty 

    Per. 3 Chemistry - kpibi7o 

    Per. 4 Chemistry - vq2bmdv 

    Per. 5 Chemistry - rqwka6b 

    Per. 6 Chemistry - 3rksa4w 



    • I hold office hours every Monday and Tuesday from 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm. This is a great opportunity for students to get one on one help with the course content. If students miss a hands-on lab, Office Hours are the best block of time for them to work with the equipment and make up the lab. 
    • Email is the best way to contact me. 
    • If students are absent, they can look at the Weekly Slideshow posted to Google Classroom and see what they are missing. Assignments are also posted to Google Classroom if they would like to complete the work while they are gone. 
  • Drew Bernadett

    Science Teacher


    Classroom Phone: 294-2450 x 810387


    Per. 1: Chemistry (H213)

    Per. 2: Prep

    Per. 3: Chemistry (H212)

    Per. 4: Chemistry (H212)

    Per. 5: Chemistry (H213)

    Per. 6: Chemistry (H213)

    Per. 7: Prep