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The 3R's

  • As school closures across the nation affect the way we engage in teaching and learning in schools, FCUSD is committed in continuing to provide students and families opportunities to develop and implement important social-emotional learning skills. As a district, we are focusing on the 3 R’s. The 3R’s are Relationships, Routines, and Resilience.

    During this pandemic, there is overwhelming evidence showing the importance of connection and relationships. Our first R is for relationships. Each of our schools is reaching out to all students to connect and keep positive relationships despite a distance learning format. Please be on the lookout for calls, emails, and other messages to ensure that your child is connected to their school. Three R's

    Our second R is for routines. By establishing routines and schedules that support positive behavior, students are more likely to thrive in a distance learning format and may feel more connected to school if using the same language and expectations. Schools across the district are using their same positive behavior expectations at home. An example is Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible.

    Our third R is for resilience. Resilience is the skill to recover and bounce back from stressful conditions and to build needed skills to cope with future challenges and adversity. Many of our schools are providing social-emotional learning lessons as part of their distance learning curriculum. We are also providing resources to some social-emotional learning lessons that students/ families can take advantage of on their own.

    This website is designed to provide information and resources that may allow for continued opportunities to connect with school, maintain a school-like structure thru a distance format, and cultivate skills needed to weather this situation as well as future adversity.


    *FCUSD would like to thank Turnaround for Children for the creation of the 3R's and their partnership in supporting the emotional well-being of all of our students. If you'd like to learn more about Turnaround for Children, please visit