Welcome to Speech Class at Russel Ranch

  • Greetings Russell Ranch Mustangs!

    Hopefully you've received an email from me touching base with all of you to see how you've been doing. My plan so far is to do weekly emails, and hold virtual office hours if you need to chat further about speech and language activities or questions. In the future, I'm thinking about doing some video of specific activities, still figuring out all of that. Please do not feel like you HAVE to be doing something or doing something every day activity-wise with your kiddos, I don't want to pile up your plates too high!

    As far as IEPs go...we will not be holding them as of right now, and we are awaiting the district's direction on how to proceed with them. Hang tight! 

    I am always available via email, especially during school hours, to get back to you with any questions you may have. I do have Zoom, if you would like to set up a video chat. Even if you'd like to drop an email with how you are doing and say "hi," I'd love that, I miss my students!


    Hello Russell Ranch Families!

    My name is Diane Maloney, and I'm the full time Speech-Language Pathologist here, and I typically work with preschool through second grade, and with students from all grade levels enrolled in our intensive Autism classes. Born and raised in California, I received my undergraduate degree at Sacramento State University, and my graduate degree at San Diego State University. I have lived in Sacramento County since 2002, and absolutely love it here. Prior to working for FCUSD, I was the owner of a private practice serviing the communication needs of clients ages 6 months through 80 years, for a period of 8 years. I have been practicing in the field of speech-language pathology since 2002. 

Contact Info

  • H. Diane Maloney

    Speech-Language Patholigist

    Russel Ranch Elementary

    Phone: 916-294-2430, extension 316



    During the "Shelter in Place" for COVID-19,

    you can reach me at: 916-546-5817