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    What is Challenge Success, and why is it important?

    "We live in a culture that increasingly suggests that success is about numbers—test scores, grades, and college acceptance rates. Parents know that success is about more than just these metrics, but they need tools and information to help raise kids who will be happy, healthy, meaningful contributors to the world around them. Research tells us that children need emotional support, parental supervision, adequate sleep, healthy eating habits, physical and intellectual challenges, resilience, and time to reflect, play, and plan. In our parent education courses, workshops, and videos, parents benefit from hearing university-based research translated into practical, everyday strategies that they can use to help guide their parenting behavior and raise kids who will thrive."

    When students feel able to meet parent expectations, they are less likely to be worried and stressed about their schoolwork and less likely to suffer from physical symptoms of stress--Challenge Success.  Find more research from Stanford here. 

    From our student survey, we know that the college admissions process can often be a top source of stress and anxiety for students and families. Vista's partnership with Challenge Success aims to support a healthier, more balanced approach to college admissions and life after high school. 

    Kids in the House Videos was created by Denise Pope and Madeline Levine from Stanford University's Graduate School of Education.  Parents can find a wide range of videos the include parenting tips for raising healthy, responsible, successful students. 

    Courageous Parenting Blog from Challenge Success includes excellent and relevant articles about 21st century parenting. 

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