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  • Welcome to our School Climate section of our website. Our PBIS team works with faculty, staff, and students to implement positive behavior intervention and supports that improve and maintain a positive school climate.


    We have three goals for this school year. 

    1. The PBIS team will implement professional development in the areas of social emotional learning as related to schoolwide climate. (1.7 Professional Development)
    2. By the end of the school year the percentage of the students asserting that an adult on campus cares about their well-being will improve 10% from 18/19.
    3. Design and implement a “Wellness” form for students to express their social emotional needs and provide support by making connections with adults as well as creating a comfortable space (Wellness Corner) for students to practice wellness and self-care.

    School Climate Coach (PBIS Coach): Ms. Atwood jbailey@fcusd.org

  • Upcoming meetings: 

    • Wednesday, October 31st (lunches)
    • Wednesday, November 13th 3:15-4:15
    • Wednesday, December 11th 3:15-4:15