• Good news, we are delighted to announce that FCUSD is allowing volunteers back on school sites again.

    If you are a current/existing volunteer at Carl H. Sundahl - Is your volunteer paperwork up-to-date?

    Contact Nicola Mayo email or call 916-294-2425 ext: 220115 to check if your TB certificate is current or expired (many have expired whilst we've been dealing with COVID).  TB Clinics are available at our District Office, TB certificates are good for 4 years.  TB X-rays do not expire, but a new questionnaire must be completed every four years.  Providing a COVID vaccination card is now optional. Once everything is up-to-date and been approved by District Office you'll be welcome to return to campus.  

    New Volunteers to Carl H. Sundahl:

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Carl H. Sundahl Elementary.  Please follow the instructions below to become a volunteer. Nicola Mayo - Parent Coordinator or office staff can answer any questions you may have regarding the volunteer process. 

    Instructions for Category 2 Volunteers are as follows:  

    1. Complete a Category 2 Volunteer Application Packet  and have it signed by the Principal.

    2. Have a current TB test. TB test results may come from your primary care provider, a medical clinic or from one of FCUSD’s monthly free TB Test Clinics. TB tests completed outside of FCUSD’s clinics may take several weeks to process. (TB Certificates are good for 4 years).  (TB tests must have been administered within the 60 days or less in order for District office to process).

    a. If you have an XRAY, you must complete a TB Questionnaire with Health Services for final TB clearance (every 4 years).

    3. The applicant MUST submit the complete application to the site which includes:

    a. Category 2 form completed and signed by the principal

    b. Volunteer Code of Conduct Agreement

    c. Current TB Test/Xray results and questionnaire

    d. COVID vaccination record (optional)

    5. Schedule a Live Scan appointment (see link below).

    a. You can either print the FCUSD Live Scan or request a copy from your school. If you have lived outside of CA in the last 5 years, please check the FBI box under Level of Service.

    b. You will need to provide a valid ID and payment for fees.

    The site will be notified when the applicant is clear to volunteer. This process can take up to a month. If the applicant has any questions regarding their volunteer status, they are to contact the school office.

    At the discretion of the Principal, Carl H. Sundahl only allows Category 2 cleared volunteers on campus: 

    • Assists in the classroom or other school activities more than four (4) times per year or sixteen (16) total hours per year 
    • Has direct contact with students and may be the sole adult with student(s) on a school field trip 
    • Has direct contact with students and may be the sole adult with student(s) in the classroom or other school-related activities on or off school grounds 
    • Serves as an overnight chaperone 
    • Volunteer coaches, regardless of number of hours served 

    Category 2 Volunteers must: 1) complete the Volunteer Application, 2) provide a TB Assessment Test, 3) submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination or present a current negative COVID-19 test, and 4) submit fingerprints for DOJ criminal background clearance.