• Lock Picking Club!!


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    Our Mission

    Lock Picking Club aims to teach students the art of lock picking while providing a safe and fun space to learn! The ethics of sport picking will always be heavily emphasized as well as the rights and wrongs when implementing the knowledge gained during our meetings. This club will be an enjoyable place to meet new people and learn new skills!

  • Officers/Contact Info:

    Co-Presidents: Sara Wickenhiser

                                Anna Wickenhiser

    Vice President: Michael Dias

    Secretary: Isha Menon

    Treasurer: TBD

    Club Advisor: Emilo Gasca

    Remind: Text @lockpick to 81010

    Instagram: @lockpickingclub


    Rules/Ethics of Lock Picking:

    1. Never pick or manipulate with the aim of opening any lock that does not belong to you, unless you have been granted explicit permission by the lock's rightful owner.

    2. Never disseminate knowledge or tools of lockpicking to individuals whom you know or whom have reason to suspect would seek to employ such skills or equipment in a criminal manner.

    3. Be mindful of the relevant laws concerning lockpicks and related equipment in any country, state, or municipality where you seek to engage in hobbyist lockpicking or recreational locksporting.