• The Dead Poets Society

    Emily Dickinson

    To Fill A Gap

    To fill a Gap
    Insert the Thing that caused it—
    Block it up
    With Other—and ’twill yawn the more—
    You cannot solder an Abyss
    With Air.

    - Emily Dickinson

    What We Do


    We read and analyze poems in a disscussion group style. The Dead Poets Society is a club dedicated to exploring poems from dead poets throughout the world. The club will explore, analyze, and deconstruct poetry and provide a place where students can be exposed to multiple forms and types of poems. 



  • Officers

    President: Lucas Mukhtar

    Vice-President: Michael Pecha

    Secretary: Samyak Surti 

    Treasurer: Parth Purankar

    Advisor: Mr. Crean


    Contact Info

    Email: DeadPoetsofVista@gmail.com

    Remind: @DeadPoet19

    Instagram: @DeadPoetsofVista