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    Rachelle Puckett Henke
    This website is dedicated to my students as a tool for encouraging them to succeed this school year.

    My teaching journey has been a dream since I was a young girl, but has become a reality with my first 2017-2018 teaching position in Lake County as a 10th grade world history teacher.  I have since relocated to Sacramento County after the 2017 Santa Rosa Fires caused an evacuation withing 2 weeks of the school year.  I was raised around powerful women and strong role models, who are admirable advocates of education.  My mother is a retired elementary school principal, my aunts are also retired educators ranging from special education experience to other elementary classrooms.  My passion for story telling in a world growing up in musical theater experiences draws me toward the dramatic universe of historical inquiry, with dynamic characters on the stages of real life and profound voices to continue learning about in my own academic life.

    I got my start substitute teaching in San Ramon Valley Unified School District while receiving my credential from Brandman University in Walnut Creek.  I received my education in social studies from San Francisco State University with an emphasis on Early Medieval History (The Crusades and radical religions including a strong focus on witchcraft trials during the Inquisition) and a secondary focus on modern American studies (Post World War I and an interest in P.t.s.d. for Vietnam War veterans in a new field of medical history).  Last year I taught 6th and 7th grade history at John Barrett Middle School in Carmichael, Sacramento County.  So, this school year I am excited to be joing the Folsom Middle School team as a new 8th grade history teacher!  This makes for my third year as a teacher for my career in education and I am ready to celebrate a chance to get to know more students.  In my not so spare time when I am on the rare occassion not lesson planning or grading, you can find me reading a book, playing piano, going on a camping adventure, watching live musical theater, or at a cafe drinking coffee!  This past 2019 summer, I am also a newlywed so enjoying the venture of married life is a priority for us building a life together here in Sacramento County.    

    Life is a classroom and we are both a student and a teacher.  Each day is a test and each day we either are going to pass or fail in the subject of grace.  Grace asks for no credentials.  If you pass you can feel humble, helpful, and guided by gratitude.  I plan to pass this test and educate others to learn about the power knowledge can bring to create a better, more peaceful world.  


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    (916) 294 - 9040 

    Room 317 

    Please email to request meeting in person.  Appointments will be arranged based on the order they are received, a time and date will be sent back to arrange the meeting based on available options.