• Welcome to English 2 and Designated English! My name is Kyle Novak, and I am excited to work with you this year. I teach in H-104 at Cordova High School. My email address is knovak@fcusd.org - feel free to send me any questions you have about our class.

    Families, all relevant information for your students' classes will be found in their Google Classroom. Email me if you need help accessing that platform.


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    English 2A 



    Designated English 9A 



    2020-21 Semester 1

    Period 1: English 2A

    Period 2: Designated English 9A

    Period 3: Designated English 9A

    Period 4: Designated English 9A

    Period 5: English 2A


    2020-21 Semester 2

    Period 1: English 2B

    Period 2: Designated English 9B

    Period 3: Designated English 9B

    Period 4: Designated English 9B

    Period 5: English 2B