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    I understand we are all living in times of uncertainties.  I have been working to develop lesson plans that are user friendly for everyone.  During the roll out we were getting used to Schoology.  If you want to follow along with your childs classes please contact your child's 2nd period teacher and they can get you your parent code.  I emailed everyone I had emails for.  The rest of my emails are in my classroom, which I do not have access too.  Please email me if you would like that information.  I have tried to be really quick to respond to emails to parents and students.  I have different office hours each day (posted below) to try to accomodate everyone's different sleep schedules.  The latest I will be online is 5:00 PM.  I am not requiring your child to log in during this time, just by the end of the school day to have their work complete and submitted.  I am hoping we are able to work out the kinks with schoology in the upcoming weeks, but we will be using other online formats as well.  Your students know how to manipulate TCI, Gizmos, and pHet as we have used these websites in our classrooms.  I want to try to keep everything as similar to their classroom assignments as possible.  My goal is to continue to teach your students.  Their grades will not be negatively impacted this semester.  I am working on a rubric for students to raise their grades in my class and how they will be able to do it.  If you have any question please do not hesitate to email me.  We are all working through this together.  

    Online Websites we will use                                   


    Google Classroom

    TCI- access through Clever on Mitchell website

    https://fcusd.schoology.com/ - Schoology

    https://www.explorelearning.com/ - Gizmos

    https://phet.colorado.edu/ - pHet Simulations


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