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    Welcome students and familes! I am excited you are here! 

     This my my 3rd year here at Vista and I am happy to be here and share my knowledge of the television and film industry that I hustled in over the last 15 years. I have had the privlidge to work on television shows for FOX, ABC, GSN, BRAVO, YOUTBE, and E! to name a few. 

    In these courses students will be expected to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of video production techniques and processes. This will include practicing camera operating, illustrating storyboards, script writing, and editing.  There is a large focus on recognizing industry terms and phrases as used on a film or television sets. Students are expected to recognize and use terms correctly to achieve an industry standard of set etiquette.


    Things to note about the courses:

    Google Classroom will be the go to for students for announcements, assignments, projects, classwork, tutorials and more. 

    Be sure students check Google Classroom everyday to stay current in the class! 

    For additional details Course Expectations can be found on the Course Expectation page of my site.


    To learn more about what this course has to offer click the About Video Production Course and watch the Promo Video! 


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    Brittney Valtierra


    RM 204G


    Block 1: Video Production 1

    Block 2: Video Production 2

    Block 3: Video Production 1

    Block 4: Prep



    Block 1: Video Production 1

    Block 2: Video Production 2/3

    Block 3: Video Production 1

    Block 4: Prep