Welcome to Video Production & New Media

  • Mrs. V on set!

    Welcome students and familes - I am excited you are here! 

     This my my 2nd here at Vista and am happy to be here and share my knowledge of the television and film industry that I hustled in over the last 15 years. I have had the privlidge to work on television shows for FOX, ABC, GSN, BRAVO, YOUTBE, E! to name a few. 


    Things to note about the courses:

    Google Classroom will be the go to for students for announcements, assignments, projects, classwork, tutorials and more. 

    Be sure students check Google Classroom everyday to stay current in the class! 

    With distant learning participation from parents, friends, and family, whoever is in your current bubble is very import. With both courses students will need help behind and in front of the camera... are you ready for your close-up?!


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  • Contact Info:

    Brittney Valtierra


    RM 204G


    Block 1: Video Production 1

    Block 2: Video Production 1

    Block 3: New Media 

    Block 4: Prep



    Block 1: Video Production 1

    Block 2: Video Production 2/3

    Block 3: Video Production 1

    Block 4: Prep