Welcome students and parents to my Cordova High School webpage! I'm very excited to begin the 2023-2024 school year with you!  

    A Little About Me

    I have been teaching High School English for 12 years, and this year will mark my fifth year with Cordova High School.  My passion for teaching, literature, and composition runs so deep that I went to graduate school twice to earn master's degrees in English, Rhetoric and Composition, and in Educational Anthropology. Teaching English language literature and composition is truly my passion, but when I'm not buried nose-deep in a book, magazine, or newspaper . . . or student writing, you will usually find me trying my hand at writing my own fiction, playing with my dog, Redford, and travelling with my wife.  

    On top of teaching and literature and travel, I love languages generally, and I speak, adequately, three of them: Polish, Spanish, and English.  Polish, long ago, was once my first, dominant language.  Both of my parents are from Warszawa, Poland, and most of my family still lives there. 

    Spanish I learned through middle school, high school, and then college, and I still use it pretty frequently, which I'm grateful to be able to do.  So, if you speak either of these languages, Polish or Spanish, please stop on by for a chat!  I could use the practice!

    Important Class Information

    The links below will take you to specific pages that provide details about the class in which you are enrolled.

    Honors English 9 Syllabus

    English 11 Syllabus

    Language and Literature Syllabus (11th and 12th Grade)

    If you would like more details about my class, please continue onto my Course Expectations Tab.

    I look forward to meeting and working with you this school year!

    All the best,

    Mr. Oppenheim, MA, English (Rhetoric and Composition), MA Education (Educational Anthropology)

    Instructor: Mr. Peter Oppenheim Room: H-115

    E-Mail: poppenheim@fcusd.org Phone: 916-294-2450, ext. 810359



    Instructor: Mr. Peter Oppenheim Room: H-115

    E-Mail: poppenheim@fcusd.org Phone: 916-294-2450 ext. 810359