•  ****Please look below on an important update to enroll in my google classroom courses****

    Welcome students and parents to my Cordova High School webpage!

    I'm very excited to begin the 2020-2021 school year with you.  I know that the reality of distnace learning may seem challenging and stressful.  Like what I imagine you must be feeling, I also wish we could be back in the classroom.  There, honestly, is where I feel I am at my best as an educator.  It is also where I feel students learn best. 

    Still, I embrace the challenge of distance learning, and I am committed to providing you the best education I can design.  To that end, you will find below some key information to help you as we begin the school year.   

    Important Class Information

    The links below will take you to specific pages that provide details about the class in which you are enrolled.

    Honors English 9 Syllabus

    English 10/Honors English 10 Syllabus

    English 11 Syllabus

    If you would like more details about my class, please continue onto my Course Expectations Tab.

    Google Classroom Codes

    In order to enroll and access the google class page for your period, you need to be signed into your FCUSD account.  Once signed in, please go to google classroom.  In the top right hand corner of your dashboard, you will see a +.  Click on it.  When it gives you the option to choose between create and join a class, select join.  Then, copy and paste the code below for the period in which you are enrolled.

    • Period 1: Honors English 2: rqa5omx
    • Period 3: English 3: cd5rh5i
    • Period 4: English 2: qmnmscj
    • Period 6: English 3: xsenbht
    • Period 7: Honors English 1: lfo7cfc

    I look forward to meeting and working with you this school year!

    All the best,

    Mr. Oppenheim


    Si, hablo Espanol.  

    Tak, ja mowiem po Polsku.


    For the duration of the remainder of the time we will spend Distance Learning, I will be available my email: