• Art 

    Welcome to Art,

    My name is Ms. Munday, I am your student's art teacher and I am so excited to have your student in my class. My goal is to provide your students with the best art experience I can provide. We will be creating unique and creative artworks throughout the semester.   

    During this trimester, your students will learn about the elements of art and the principles of design. We will use a variety of mediums and art-making techniques to create artworks that allow students to explore and express their own identities and interests. The projects will challenge students to use creative expression and critical thinking to create artworks that are uniquely individual.

    I appreciate all you do to help support your students.

    Brianna Munday


  • Donations Information

    Art materials such as paint, clay, and glaze are costly and therefore, I am asking for a voluntary lab donation of $10 for each student. This donation is not mandatory and will not affect your student’s ability to participate in projects, but is deeply appreciated. If you have the ability to donate, please send your student with cash or a check (made out to FMS) to the Student Account office. You may also donate online by using the following link:


    Supplies Donations 

    The following supplies are used regularly in Exploratory Art for art projects and to keep the student happy and healthy. Any supply donation in addition to the lab donation will be deeply appreciated and will help keep the classroom a healthy environment for students to work.  

    • Clorox disinfecting wipes 

    • Hand sanitizer 

    • Kleenex 

    • Wood Pencils

    • Large Erasers  

    • Newspapers/ Magazines  

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