Digital Citizenship: What is it?

  • What 'www' Stands For

    The "www" stands for "world-wide web". Once one posts something online, it remains and will forever remain online for the entire world to see. This is why one must be careful, and use the principles of Digital Citizenship.

    What is Digital Citizenship?

    Digital Citizenship is the use of technology in a responsible, safe way. Technology was made to make lives easier and better for everyone, and that same principle must be applied ALWAYS while using technology. One must live a good digital ERA


    One must empower technology use by using it responsibly and appropriately.


    How to be responsible:

    • Do not be biased while reading or writing content that is posted online.
    • Be original in ALL content that you post, as legally required.
    • Assume that the content that you are going to post is going to be read by deaf, color-blind, or almost-blind people.

    • Take care of your eyes: use technology only when you need it


    Users should keep the following points in mind:

    • The content that one puts on the internet must be worthy of making everyone know the contents
    • Keep in mind that people from all walks of life are going to be seeing the content, therefore they should be respectful of people of ALL backgrounds
    • Users must be wary about is that they must make sure that their content is ADA compliant.
    • Do not put viruses or worms out there
    • Nothing even close to malcontent should be online.
    • If there is any malcontent, then one must make sure that they do not click on it. If they do, then there is a possibility of getting hacked.
    • Do not make ANY personal information, such as Social Security numbers, passwords, location, etc, availaible to anyone you do not know.

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