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    For just $10, you can vote on how the PTA supports our school and take advantage of several great discount opportunities.  Click on the link below to get involved in your child’s school and join today!


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    The 2023-2024 PTA Executive Board

    President: Kristin Norris & Dinah Bustamante

    VP of Fundraising: Heather Brandon & Jodi Perkins

    VP of Programs: Stacy Pillion

    VP of Membership: Kim Lundquist

    VP of Communications: Kishore Namala

    Secretary: Angela Kreeger

    Treasurer: Sheree Corbett

    Financial Secretary: Nicole Heiney

    Auditor: Justin Garosi

    Historian: Jenny Kato

    Parliamentarian: Josh Simon  

     Flyers: Pooja Tewari

    Events: Chrismarie Delosreyes & Stacy Pillion

    Our Mission Statement:  

    Supporting our future by supporting the children of

    Sandra J. Gallardo Elementary.

    For more information, contact GallardoPTA@gmail.com.



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