• Honors English Placement Information 

     There are no required tests for Honors English placement. 


    Placement for all incoming 6th graders, current 6th graders, and current 7th graders will be based on the following:  

    Along with a recommendation from your child’s current English teacher, students must meet the English class grade and Star Reading criteria as follows:

    1. A's and B's over two semesters in Reading and Writing

    2. Star Reading State Benchmark Level of 4 (green) 

                    A. Current 6th grader- at or above 1130 SS

                    B. Current 7th grader- at or above 1149 SS


    If your child meets these requirements, they may be placed in Honors English.


    Sutter Middle School offers Honors English at the 6th - 8th grade levels. These classes cover the standards for the 6th - 8th grade English curriculum and offer an opportunity for students to explore literature in greater depth. Students who participate in these classes are expected to go beyond the standards by showing complexity and maturity in their writing and by using sophisticated vocabulary in written responses. Students should also be fluent and prolific readers. The coursework requires students to engage in independent and analytical assignments and to complete work outside the classroom.  

    If you are new to FCUSD or do not attend an SMS feeder school, please connect with your child's counselor regarding placement.

    If your child is currently placed in 6th or 7th Grade Honors English, they will automatically be placed in honors next year if they have maintained A/B grades. If your child does not want to be placed in honors for next year, please contact your child’s counselor to opt out. 

    SMS English Department