Let's make it work!  Below, there will be links each week to activities to get you up and moving in whatever space you have to work with.  The most important thing to remember is to move your body 60 minutes every day, so you'll need to find other activities as well, even if its just a walk or bike ride.  I have included a weekly activity log for you to keep track. Below that is the Get Fit Chart full of stretches and calisthenics for warm up and cool down before and after each activity.

  • Distance Learning PE Activities

    On the left you will click on your grade to find new activities each week.  Most of the links go to you tube, so if you are concerned about apropriate ads, I would suggest copying the links, going to https://safeyoutube.net/. From here you can enter the link. 

    *Disclaimer: Most links should be good to go, but occasionally something will be removed.  Please send me feedback as I work to perfect this resource.


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