• Hi witches, wizards, and Harry Potter fans!!!


    Come join the fun, explore Harry Potter themes, and bring some magic to our world and community! All welcome (no prior magical experience required)!



     Our Chapter Mission: We might be muggles, but we can still make magic! Our goal as a chapter is to bring the great lessons in the world of Harry Potter to our life. We work to promote inclusion and acceptance and to give plenty of love back into our community. We're changing the world through discussion, activism, and participation.


    Join the remind to get reminders and more info: @vistahp

  • Room: G104

    Advisor: Ms. Rae

    Minister of Magic (President): Kenzy Mohamed

    Vice Minister of Magic (Vice President): Nadeen Mohamed

    Gringotts Goblin (treasurer): Juliet Zhang

    Truthful Skeeter (Secretary): Michael Dias

    Vista's Creevey (Webmaster): Hannah Karsting


     Chapter Oath: "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."


    Text remind (@vistahp) for any questions.