• Hi! Welcome to the Middle Ground Page! 

    General Information:

    Our club is called “Middle Ground”, named after the youtube series where two polar opposites are asked questions through which they can enter a common ground and discuss similarities rather than differences (Ex. Liberals v. Conservatives, Feminists v. Non-Feminists, etc.) We generally will not be focusing on topics that are way too political in order to avoid conflict, but we will come up with all kinds of things that are both fun and get people’s minds going! We will take suggestions as well. This is a way for students to participate in a fun activity and also be able to voice their opinions.


    We have meetings every other Monday in E-208! We also want to incorporate community service into our club, as we think it’s important to both work together to find a common ground, but also go out and help our community in becoming a better place as well. We would have community service opportunities once every couple months, and we'll propose a related topic and have the club talk it out to find the “middle ground” on where we would be volunteering that month. Check the calender for details!


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