• Welcome to The Cookie Club!


    What's next

    Our next club meeting will be Friday December 14th during Flextime in the MULTI-- See you there!

    Mission Statement: 

    The primary purpose of The Cookie Club is to serve a smile to our community members, including members inside of our own Vista community and members of the greater community outside of Vista. We believe that kindness and the ability to give more than we get are key components in achieving our goals. Of course, our love for sweets is what unites us, and it will drive us to share our passion and happiness with the greater community.


    What We Do:

    The Cookie Club will participate in several events helping our school and the City Of Folsom. We are also here to have fun and appreciate cookies! Here’s a look at some of the fun things you can look forward to as a member:

    • HART of Folsom Volunteer events- a non-profit community-based volunteer organization assisting those experiencing homelessness in Folsom toward self-sufficiency and greater independence. The Cookie Club will provide hot meals/cookies for those looking to us for help.
    • Other Volunteer Events to participate in:  JDRF One Walk, Relay for Life, Folsom Community Service Day, and many more!
    • We will be partnering with Children’s Hospital Volunteer Club to spread joy and happiness to children battling life-threatening diseases.
    • $3 Pizookie Night at BJ’s! Stay tuned for special dates where we all head out to BJs and eat Pizookies ;)
    • Learn how to make better cookies! Guest Speakers and outstanding BuzzFeed cookie videos are provided during meetings
    • Cookies at every meeting! We are hoping to host a few movie nights as well (Black Panther of course will be included)


    Club Officers:

    Co-Presidents: Cade Sidhu and Sayak Datta

    Vice President: Arman Salimi

    Secretry: Anna Saez

    Tresurer: Baylee Ferrerra

    Webmaster: Lexy Nguyen

    Publicity: Graham Jaeger