• Welcome to the Young Life Home page!!

    Young Life's Mission is to introduce students to Christ and help them grow in their faith. Our goal is not to pressure anyone into Christianity but to provide the information and let you decide what you believe. Young Life is designed to be a fun safe environment for high school students. We have caring adult leaders that want to be there for you. We meet on Monday nights where we play fun crazy games, eat food, sing together, and at the very end for a few minutes we talk about the person of Jesus. Young Life is not just a club on campus it is actually an international ministry with camps and clubs all around the world. Young Life on campus is designed to bring everyone on campus together and live life together, living life to the fullest. Vista Young Life is partnered with the Folsom Young Life club and we will be going to a weekend camp with about 10 other Young Life clubs throughout the region at one of Young Life's many camps, Woodleaf. The weekend camp will be the best weekend of your life hands down! The weekend camp is going to be in November from the 22-24 and spots are limited!! If you want to go or have questions feel free to contact myself or the Folsom area director. Camp cost is $125 but price will not be the reason you cant come, we will help you afford it and join us :)

    Weekly Updates will be on Instagram @folsomyounglife

    To be added to the text remind, text @2hb4cd to 81010

    Any questions feel free to text or call myself (on campus president, Colin Mealoy) - (916)934-4931 or email me at cpmealoy42@gmail.com 

    Or contact Folsom area Young Life directly

    Carl Rettinger- (916)220-2275 carlrettinger@yahoo.com

    Laura Rettinger- (916)220-1539 rettingeL@aol.com