• Welcome to Vista's Baking Club! 

    Bake a Difference

    We will guide you through how to bake delicious sweets, desserts, and more! We aim to donate our food to homeless shelters, charities, and others in need, including our stomachs :) Amateur and experienced bakers, as well as people who want to bake but never have before, are welcome. Join us in our mission to Bake a Difference!


    Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 9 in K-101.


    Join our remind for meeting dates and other important information!

    Remind code: @bakeadiff



    satisfying frosting piping

  • Officers

    President: Diane Liang

    Email: diane8w@gmail.com

    Vice President: Aarushi Agarwal

    Secretary: Alyssa Ureta

    Treasurer: Emily Guo

    Donation Coordinator: Rachel Larson

    Advisor: Mrs. Armstrong

    Remind code: @bakeadiff

    Let's Bake!