• Hello everyone and welcome to another year of Android's Dungeon!


     Welcome, o weary traveler! We are the Andriod's Dungeon club, keepers of all things gaming, guardians of good conversation, or what have you.

    Thursday afternoons are when we gather, and we spend our time socializing or playing games -- including the occasional game of Dungeons and Dragons.

    But worry yourself none! Our doors are always open to curious souls, should they wish to join us...


Android's Dungeon
  • 2019-2020 Official Officers

    President: Rosie Nunn

    Vice President: Corinne Morris

    Secretary: Logan Henderson

    Web Master: Logan Henderson


    Unofficial Roles

    Dungeon Masters: Logan Henderson, Jack Bogard

    Thy Holy Father: Fuentes

    Kobold Lord: Skyler Yee



    Mr. Fuentes

    Room H-101