• Welcome to World Cultures and Sociology with Mrs. Deters!

    Please see my Google Site for comprehensive information about each class. 


    Classroom Donation requests: There are several items that would be greatly appreciated if you are able to provide them:

    1. Crayola 8-color water color paint

    2. Skinny White Board Markers(black preferred)

    3. Kleenex

    4. Plain White cardstock paper(not printer paper)

    5. Hand Sanitizer(unscented)



    You can find course expectations,as well as the parent signature Google Form on my Google Site linked above. Parent/Guardian signatures are due by 8/12. Please review the website and course expectations with your student so everyone is aware of my expectations as well as the exciting topics we will be covering in class!

    I can be reached at sdeters@fcusd.org.


    1st Block: Prep

    2nd Block: World Cultures

    3rd Block: Sociology

    4th Block: World Cultures



  • sdeters@fcusd.org