Hi Grade 8  Science students!



    8th Grade Science                                  Kendra Duncan                                             Folsom Middle School 



    Dear Parents and Students, 

    My name is Ms. Duncan and I will be your child's science teacher for this school year.  I am very excited about getting

    to know your child and helping them learn about the amazing world of science.  I have been teaching science at FMS for 

    fourteen years and will help studends develop curiousity and encourage an appreciation for the many wonders of our world. 

    The district has just got my website up and going so you can now see Information about our class and assignments that

    will be posted weekly on my teacher website.  If you have questions, please email me at kduncan@fcusd.org 

    Please see the science syllabus which is attached and also in google classroom.

    Students will be meeting online in microsoft teams for our classes together.  All assignments and materials will be in

    google classroom.  Students can email me if they would like extra assistance and we can arrange a one on one time

    during intervenion at 11:30am t0 12.  I know that online learning can be challenging, we all adapting to this new system 

    together. Please read out anytime if you have questions.


    Ms Duncan


    The following materials are recommended for our science class.  If these materials are a financial burden,

    students may obtain them from their counselor.  

    1.  Spiral binding botebook, college ruled                      2.  Folder with 2 pockets 

    3.  Pens, and many sharpened pencils                           4.  Highlighter, dryerase marker, colored pencils

    5.  Ruler (metric), glue stick