• Grade 8 P.E.


    Hi Grade 8 students!

    I have got google classroom up and going for grade 8 P.E.  If you are not able to access it right now, use the code: 7g4nftv

    Once you've gone onto goolge classroom, send me a hello so I know that you are connected.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


    Ms Duncan

    7th Grade Science                                  Kendra Duncan                                             Folsom Middle School 



    New update March 19 for Grade 7 Science

    I have started google classroom for science.  I believe you were all linked in at the beginning of the year, so please check that you can access science.  If you aren't able to access science, here are the codes:  Period 5 - v5sihg3,  Period 6 -  bkmttcz

    Please let me know if you cannot get access to science google classroom. Email me at kduncan@fcusd.org


    Ms Duncan





    Hi Everyone,

    I hope you are all well!  I miss seeing you!!

    There are no homework assignments for science as you have heard from the district website.  I have some suggestions which can extend your learning while we are out of school.  If you click on Class Handouts, I have an outline of readings, suggested activities and videos which you can select to do.  No grading will accompany these activities.  These activities and and videos are to enhance your learning of the "Global Cycles of Matter" unit, textbook pgs 77 - 87.  Email me at kduncan @fcusd.org if you have questions.  You will have the chance to redo the pg. 95, Lake Vesijarvi assignment when we get back together.

    Keep healthy!! Keep washing your hands!!  I hope we will be back together on April 14!  I will update this information next week.


    Ms Duncan



    Dear Parents and Students, 

    My name is Ms. Duncan and I will be your child's science teacher for this school year.  I am very excited about getting

    to know your child and helping them learn about the amazing world of science.  I have been teaching science at FMS for 

    twelve years and have many educational labs and hands on activities to engage, develop curiousity and encourage an

    appreciation for the many wonders of our world.  Information about our class and assignments are posted weekly on my

    teacher website.  If you have questions, please email me at kduncan@fcusd.org 


    The following materials are recommended for our science class.  If these materials are a financial burden,

    students may obtain them from their counselor.  

    1.  Spiral binding botebook, college ruled                      2.  Folder with 2 pockets 

    3.  Pens, and many sharpened pencils                           4.  Highlighter, dryerase marker, colored pencils

    5.  Ruler (metric), glue stick                                         6.  Index cards 


    Course Content

    1.  Intro to science - lab safety, metrics, scientific method, C.E.R. (claim, evidence, reasoning)

    2.  Chemistry - composition and states of matter, chemical reactions 

    3.  Microscopes and cells, movement of molecules in cells (osmosis, diffusion) 

    4.  Energy and matter in cells - photosynthesis /cellular respiration 

    5.  Ecosystems - energy trnsfer, cycles fof matter (water, carbon, nitrogen cycles), human impact 

    6.  Earth processes through geoplogical time, processes that shape the earth 

    7.  Positive Prevention Program (Family Life) 


    Classroom Procedures/Rules 

    1.  All school rules apply. (Safe, Responsible, Respectful)

    2.  Arrive on time and walk into the class calmly and quietly.

    3.  Be prepared and have your books and materials with you daily.  Look at the instructions on the board and 

    independently get ready. 

    4.  If you have a pertinent quesion or comment, raise your hand and wait to be called on.  

    5.  When anyone is addressing the class, it is important to listen and be respectful.

    6.  The clock or bell does not dismiss you, the teacher does.  Do not pack up early.



    Grades will consist of lab assignments, projects, test/quizzes and homework.  Homework and classwork  points

    wil be recorded on a stamp sheet which will require a parent's signature when it is completed.  Late homework is

    accepted but points are deducted.  Late labs and projects will be accepted but drop a letter grade fir each day late.

    With an excused absence, students will be given a reasonable amount of time to complete assignments.  Citizenship

    grade is a reflection of attitude, effort, independence and consistency in following school rules, especially safety in 


    If you would lide to donate to science:  kleenex, glue sticks, dry erase markers, box of gloves(dissections), pencils,

    colored pencils, markers, hand soap, hand sanitizer, paper towels, (clean up after labs!) 

    If we all do our part, we are going to have a great time in science class this year!  Come to class curious!


    Ms Duncan :)