Welcome, Lancers!

  • Welcome, Lancers!  This year (20-21) I am teaching English 3, IB Language & Literature Year 1, and IB Language & Literature Year 2.  Please select the appropriate class section on the left side for more information and syllabi.  

    1st period: Languae and Literature HL Year 1 (DP)

    2nd period: English 3

    5th period: English 3

    6th period: Language and Literature HL Year 2 (DP)

    7th period: English 3

Back to School Night 2020

  • Thank you for visiting my page!  Back to School Night videos have been posted to their respective course pages and will be available on Google Classroom on 9/21.  Please click on the appropriate link on the left to watch the video, take the BTSN Parent Survey, and look at the syllabus.  Thanks!

Getting Started 2020-2021

  • August 9, 2020

    UPDATE: Course syllabi are now posted!  Click the links to the left for the appropriate class.  These will also be posted to Google Classroom.

    I know there is some confusion about the procedures for the first day.  Don't panic!  The district is still setting up and populating students in Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams.  They will send out login instructions before class time.  There will be a link in Google Classroom to click at the designated class time (see the Bell Schedule).  The links are not "live" yet, but they will be!  We will be spending the first week just getting used to using the platforms and getting to know one another, so if you don't know exactly what to do now, that's ok.  We are in this together!

    You can check out this slide show for login information for Google Classroom and Clever.  If you are a returning student to Cordova, this should be a refresher on how to log into these systems.  It is the same procedure that we would use in class.

    I know we are all eager and anxious to make distance learning work.  Feel free to shoot me an email with questions.  I may not know the answer, but I will try to find one.

    Three more days!

    Ms. Affleck

  • Thursday, August 6, 2020

    Thanks for visiting my site!  I am so excited to start the school year.  I'm still working to get things set up, but it may be helpful for you to prepare before next Wednesday.  We will be using Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams as our primary platforms for assignments and communication. You should be able to access these tools within the next few days.  I am slowly adding things, so there may not be much online now, but there will be more!  I strongly recommend checking out Microsoft Teams and getting familiarized with it before Wednesday, if possible.

    See you soon!

    Ms. Affleck

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Ms. Affleck
  • Natalie Affleck

    English Language Arts
    Room H113
    916.294.2450 ext. 810357**

    I will not be on campus during Distance Learning.  Please contact me via email.  If you would prefer a phone call, I am happy to schedule one.