Welcome to Spanish 1!

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    To my previous Spanish 1 classes:  Print out the Cheat Sheet linked below (fair warning- it's 16 pages!). It's all the vocabulary from Spanish 1 (and a little of the grammar). Look it over in August to wake up your Spanish. Put a copy in your Spanish 2 binder so you can keep reviewing the words. You can't just learn them once and have them forever; you've got to keep using them. :)  Don't panic if it feels like you can't remember anything in August. Give yourself time. Your Spanish 2 teachers understand. Everything you learned will come back to you over the first month or so. You can do it. If you need more review, click the grammar links on the left and you can re-learn anything. This year we didn't get to the last couple of chapters. Everyone is in the same boat. Don't worry about it. Your teachers already know. Have fun, work hard. Much love!! -Mrs. Ryan

    2020 Cheat Sheet for Spanish 2



    I fixed all the vocab lists and uploaded printable versions. Some are not exactly the same as the lists we handed out this year, but they are close enough. The rest of this year is just about picking up the words we didn't get to, and practicing how to use them. Hopefully in fun and quick ways.... ;)



    I broke the link to the Chapter 4 vocab by trying to move it into the "Vocab" folder! Yes, I know... It's a tragedy. How will we all go on without immediate access to the Chapter 4 words???? :)  In other news, I'm going to post the entire Spanish 1 curriculum here over the next couple of days/weeks(?) and leave it up for anyone who wants it. We already covered most of the grammar basics, so I'll be offering review and practice activities, and trying to help people either move forward or catch up. :)

    Free professional Spanish lessons! Tell your friends! Haha!

    Much love,

    Señora Ryan



    Hello Adorable People :)

    How are you? What are you doing with your time? I'm going to open up the stream in our Google Classroom. It's okay for you to post hello's and and questions there if you want (school appropriate, please! :) ). You are also welcome to email any questions to me at mryan@fcusd.org. I only check it once a day, so it might take a day or two to answer.

    We're working on creating some options to keep your brain active while we're all at home. I don't know yet what that will look like, but the district is aiming for us to offer you some kind of free online learning by March 27 or so. If you see this, let your friends know.

    -Mrs. Ryan



    Doh! I'm not supposed to post any work or anything yet. Talk soon!



    Hi there! So... school is closed for a bit. I'm not sure yet what happens now; we're waiting to hear more from the district. I will be posting some review materials in our Google Classroom soon (and here too). Updated grades will be in PowerSchool by Tuesday. If you need to, you can email me at mryan@fcusd.org

    In the meantime, try to get some rest. Take care of yourself. Take care of the people around you. Wash your hands. Stay away from crowds. We'll miss you and we'll see you soon! 

    Much love,

    Mrs. Ryan


















































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