Welcome to World History!

  • Distance/Online Learning Daily office hours:
    Monday-Friday from 9am-11am I will be on the computer and ready to quickly respond to student questions through email or the schoology messenger. 
    Hello and welcome toMedieval History and Geography! I am super excited to have a fun and exciting year. Be prepared to learn a lot: 7th grade Social Science covers the history and geography of different parts of the world and spans from the year 300 all the way to 1780. We focus on how different civilizations of the world developed, connected with each other and the impact that they have on modern day. 
    Students: Be prepared each day of class. This means having your notebook, pen/pencil and homework ready, and being in your seat when the bell rings. I hold my students to a high standard of being respectful and being responsible. My classroom is a Learning Focused room where I encourage all students to engage during lessons, and this can only happen when we show each other respect. 
    If there is something you do not understand in class, or you are unsure about what the assignment/homework is, please ask! I will never be upset when you ask an honest question: questions are how we learn about the world and make sure we understand!
    Parents: Email is the best way to contact me if you have any questions/concerns. I am often times away from my computer working on lessons and 504/IEP meetings, and during the day I am teaching in front of the students, but I will make an honest effort to respond to emails within two business days. If I do not respond within two business days please send another email; sometimes spam filters can result in emails not reaching me.
    I will post weekly agendas for parents on my teacher website each Sunday that will outline what students will be working on each week. I also post my Table of Contents on my teacher wesbite for student and parent reference. 
    I believe that teaching is a three way partnership, and that students are best set up to succeed when teachers and parents communicate and have the same goal. 
    email address: dtirre@fcusd.org
  • Requested Materials  for Mr. Tirre's class:

    1. 8.5x11 Notebook
    2. Pen/pencils
    3. Colored pencils
    4. Pencil sharpener
    5. Highlighters (these are used often!)
    6. Flashcards

    Wish List

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Kleenex
    • 8.5x11 copy paper
    • Disinfecting wipes for desks
    • White Board Cleaner/Spray
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