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    Sra. Jones


    "El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz" - Benito Juarez, pasado presidente de México


    Jemina E. Jones, EdS

    W. E. Mitchell Middle School

    Language Acquisition Specialist




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    Advisory: WEB

    3rd period: Native Speakers 2

    4th period: Spanish 1A

    Second Lunch

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    6th period: Spanish 1A

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  • End of the Semester Celebration!!!

    Posted by Jemina Jones on 12/10/2019

    Greetings Parents, Guardians, Community Members, Friends of Mitchell Middle School!

    We're just about ready to wrap up the semester!

    Tomorrow and Thursday we are taking the Unit 3 Summative Assessments; it has two parts: Criterion B (Reading) and Criterion D (Speaking). And Friday, December 13 (the nightmare before Christmas? Lol!) is the last day I will accept Unit 3 assignments for credit.

    Next week, we celebrate a semester's worth of hard work; On Monday and Tuesday (regular schedule) we will be watching a holiday movie ("The Polar Express" en español in Spanish 1A, and "Feliz Christmas, Merry Navidad" in Spanish for Native Speakers 2). On Wednesday and Thursday (early release day schedule), we will be rehearsing "Dona Nobis Pacem", and on Friday, the 20th (minimum day schedule), we will have our, what is now becoming, annual holiday party.

    If you would like to contribute any of the following items for the party, it would be greatly appreciated; the numbers are "per class period":

    holiday cookies (at 2 cookies per student= 6 dozen)

    hot cocoa (36 packets)

    mini marshmallows (1 bag)

    mini candy canes (36)

    hot beverage cups (36)

    napkins/ small paper plates (36)

    plastic holiday tablecloths (6)


    In parting, I just want to say thank you to all the parents and guardians who have supported our classroom throughout! Thank you for the pencils! Thank you for the notes of encouragement! And thank you for everything you do for your children! Their education is not a one person job! For, it does take a village!

    I hope you enjoy the holidays, and I look forward to next semester, when we take on... conjugations, without the training wheels! Gasp :)


    Sra. Jones

    Charlie brown classroom Christmas tree, with white paper chain "wish" garland

    Above: The Wish List Christmas Tree; students wrote two wishes on strips of white paper, to make a garland for the classroom tree. Also, mini llama piñata ornaments.

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  • Wrapping up the semester on a strong note

    Posted by Jemina Jones on 11/21/2019

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    As we prepare to head into the Thanksgiving break (Nov. 25-29), students will be filling out the following reflection sheet, tomorrow in class.

    I have been meeting with students for a couple of weeks, now, and am hoping to check in with ALL students by the end of class tomorrow; My goal is for students to have a list of missing assignments, if any, before they go on Thanksgiving break, so they can complete them in a timely manner.

    Please refer to the following link


    You can also ask your son or daughter(s) to show you what they have turned in on Google Classroom. Students should be able to adequately explain how they completed their assignments. For all assignments, students should know which class notes, or class presentations (all available on Google Classroom), helped/can help them complete the task.

    Finally, I will hold Friday after school tutoring through Friday, December 13; and, by invitation only, a Saturday School on December 14.

    I have one more blog scheduled for the semester, at which time I will address the End of the Year Celebration we will be having, for all students, in our classroom, on Friday, December 20.

    Thank you for your support.


    Sra. Jones

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  • Last SIX weeks of Semester 1 Schedule of Assignments

    Posted by Jemina Jones on 11/10/2019

    5 de noviembre, 2019

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    In Spanish 1A, we have started Unit 3: Los Lugares Públicos en la Ciudad/ Public Spaces in the City. To better assist you in helping your son/ daughter do their best, I’ve posted a “Schedule of Assignments Calendar,” below.

    Please note the following important dates:

    Teacher/ student individual conferences (Nov. 12-15 and Nov. 18-22)

    Note: Students will be proactive and sign up to have a conversation with the teacher about their missing work and what they can do about it. The teacher will provide the student with a list of assignments they need to turn in, as well as a suggested schedule to get them done in a timely manner.

    Last day to turn in “late” or “pending” work for the semester (Friday, Dec. 6)

    Unit 3 Summative (Dec. 11-12)

    Final Project (for those who still need to demonstrate “mastery” in one or more criterion; Will receive “I”; Students “required” to turn in a Final Project are those who earned an “F” at the end of Q1 AND are not caught up with their assignments. Students who do not use class time wisely to catch up on pending/ missing assignments will more than likely be required to do the Final Project. A strong suggestion for these students is to start making use of Friday after-school tutoring and/or Saturday school on Dec. 14).

    End of Semester “Celebration” (Dec. 20)

    Also, and just briefly. All my students will participate in the end of the semester celebration on Friday, Dec. 20. Details to follow.



    Sra, Jones 


    Spanish 1A_Weeks 13-19 Schedule of Assignments_Jones

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  • "El Día de los Muertos"

    Posted by Jemina Jones on 10/21/2019

    We are currently in Week 11 (of 19) this semester. Next week, Week 12, Spanish 1A has their Unit 2 Summative; on a Monday, no less.

    If today's Listening quiz is an indication of how well they'll do, I'd say... we still have some work to do. About half the students did well; they listenend to instructions and were able to make sense of the task. My impression is that students who had their "ideal schedules" done (Unit 2: Formative 2, due last week Friday), outperformed students who did not turn one in. I'd speculate that another 10% did better than they would have had they not designed a "draft" schedule in their notebooks, but they could have done better had they worked on and turned in their final copy on Google Classroom... Anywho, statistically speaking, both exposure to and contact with "the content" are significant variables for student, um, learning or "long term retention." In other words, students who do ALL their work consistently outperform students who do not.

    I'm here to reassure you that I've a plan for success... for ALL.

    The test is next week Monday. Everyone has to take it. Period. The test date has been posted on the IB Concept Map bulletin board in our classroom going on 6 weeks....

    After the test, on Tusday, October 29, students who are all caught up in Spanish class (all Unit 2 assignments turned in) will get to make sugar skulls; all students will have the opportunity to make a sugar skull by the end of the week. However, students who are not caught up on Unit 2 by the test date (the Monday of Week 12, which also coincides with our Day of the Dead mini Unit), will have class time on Tuesday to finish. If students still have missing assignments by the end of class on Tuesday, they will continue to work on their missing work during their block period on Wednesday/Thursday. 

    Please talk to your son/daughter about the importance of getting work done on time. Though not intended to be a "punishment", if students do not complete all "late" work by their block period on Wednesday/ Thursday, they're gonna feel like it is, becasue while everyone else is being rewarded with a "fun day" and get to do Day of the Dead crafts, students with incomplete assignments will be expected to get their work done...

    On Friday, everyone gets to make a sugar skull. But because  they take at least 24 hours to dry, the students who make their sugar skulls on Friday will not get to "decorate" them in class.

    On Monday, November 4, we move on to the next unit... Unit 3: Public Spaces

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  • 1st Quarter Grades

    Posted by Jemina Jones on 10/12/2019

    !st Quarter progress reports have been posted. Please note, this is a "Progress Report", not an official transcript grade; those don't come out until the end of the semester.

    Please, take a moment to go over your child's grades with them. It's really important for students to know that ALL assignments matter, not just Summatives, as the IB program focuses on growth or "progress", precisely.

    For the most part, I am quite pleased with the overall performance of students in Spanish 1A and Spanish for Native Speakers 2.

    The next Spanish 1A summative will take place on Monday, October 28. It will be a paper based test, and students will be asked to demonstrate mastery in both listening and reaiding skills.

    In preparation for this, we have been doing a variety of activities in class... Just this past Friday, students either worked on their mini Llama piñatas or had the opportunity to work on pending/missing assignments. When everyone had something to occupy their hands, I read aloud one of my favorite seasonal books: "Rosita and Conchita", a rhyming storybook in English and Spanish. Halfway through the story, students were actively listening trying to guess the next rhyming word... We'll be reading the book again in English this coming week, before we try reading it in Spanish...

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  • Week 6...

    Posted by Jemina Jones on 9/18/2019

    Dear Parents, friends, and family,

    We're half way through Week 6, already!

    Grades. Everyone wants to know about grades. Welp, I understand Managebac is almost up and running... I'll be putting in several grades, as soon as it is.

    We spent the first two weeks of the school year learning all about rules, regulations, and procedures; But specifically, RESPECT :)

    And, it's working. For most everyone, anyway. I still haven't figured out how to get E V E R Y . S I N G L E . O N E . O F . M Y . S T U D E N T S to be on task ALL the time; But when I do, I'll be sure to publish it and share the royalties... Lol


    For the past four (4) weeks, we've been working on Unit 1: Adapting to Cultural Norms, and today (9/18/19) and tomorrow (9/19/19), we are taking the Unit 1 Summative, a dialogue presentaion in pairs. The grade for this will go into Managebac as "Cireterion D" (Speaking), and the grade for the Comic Strip, the pre-Summative assessment, will go in as Criterion C (Writing).

    I collected the Comic Strips, yesterday. Because students had class time to work on this, were encouraged to work on it at home, as well as had access to their notes, this assignment cannot be "redone." Please, parents, I ask you to support me on this one. Getting a "zero" on this assignment, for those who did not turn anything in, is intended to be a lesson on "time management." 

    There will be other assignments that will assess Criterion C thoughout the school year, and students will have the opportunity to demonstrate "progress." But for now, they need to understand that being productive during class time is VERY important.

    The presentation, on the other hand, is most definitely "re-doable." Students will be encouraged to take the initiative, however. In other words, they will have to ask to do the retake; I'm not going to tell them they have to redo any given assignment...

    Just so you know, I am encouraging students to be "risk-takers" (one of the ten IB Learner Profile Traits) and have informed them that they have choices: "If you want to earn as much as an 8 (A+), you must do your presentaion, live, in front of the class, with a randomly assigned partner." For students wanting to score in the B/B+ range, they can request a private audience with the teacher, on their own time, if we run out of class time. I've also said to them that "if all [they're] looking to do is "pass" with 3 or a 4 (C/C+), then [they] have the option of pre-recording [themselves] on video."

     So far, most students have opted to do their presentation live, in front front of the class, with a radndomly assigned partner :)

    UNIT 1: Wrap-up

    On Friday, when everyone is done, we will do our first official 
    craftivity, a mini-piñata (tutorial to follow).

    Students will "self-assess", reflect, and set new goals for the next unit, Unit 2: Access to Education (btw, one of my personal favorites).

    Before we start Unit 2, students will first take the time to answer the Unit 1 "questions of inquiry", putting into global context what we've learned so far.

    Coming up...

    In a couple of weeks, I'll be taking another day off to present at the Annual CATESOL Conference in San Jose.

    I've been working on several interventions to help students LEARN, and I've been asked to share what I've learned, what works, and what hasn't worked...

    Where did the teacher go for four days?

    Lol, my students want to know, and I've only shared basic information, not because I don't want them to know, but because of limited "class time" :)

    My husband and I went to Romania for a good college friend's wedding... 18 hours there, and 18 hours back... 

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  • Supplies requested (2019-2020)

    Posted by Jemina Jones on 7/30/2019

    Welcome back, Marauders!!!

    Are you as excited about the 2019-2020 school year as I am?!?! I sure hope so :D

    If you are looking for a list of supplies we'll be using this school year, check out the list below.*


    Spanish class

    Two (2) notebooks. 


    Index cards (200) or blank paper/ card stock (50 sheets)

    Two pocket folder (1)

    1" binder/ filler paper/ dividers




    Glue stick(s)


    *Note: Different teachers will ask you to bring something specific for use in their classroom, only. If you're not sure, pelase ask.


    I've already done a little comparison shopping, myself. I strongly recommend purchasing the $.50 composition notebooks at Target.

    The best pencils are still the traditional wooden yellow #2 pencils; I recommend the Ticonderoga brand, because they are built to "last". If what you want are mechanical pencils, I recommend PapperMate. (Side note, becuase pencils look alike, it's a good idea to label your pencils, somehow; Some students use colored tape, others colorful pencil grips, etc.)

     In this class, the emphasis is vocabulary development. We will be using a variety of strategies to learn (retain, and easily retrieve) new words. For this purpose, please purchase either index cards or invest in a white blank paper/ cardstock. Also, last year I supplied many a sandwich bag to label and store flashcards. Please, if at all possible, provide your own "storage" (plastic box holder, rings, etc.)

    If your child is left handed, consider investing in left handed scissors. Otherwise, be sure the scissors you purchase are age appropriate.


    Parent Back to School night is August 22nd at 5:45pm. See you then!

    Students, I'll see you on the 12th at 8:15am!!!


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  • Does my child have Spanish homework over Spring Break?

    Posted by Jemina Jones on 4/15/2019

    Dear Parents and Guardian,


    Does your child have Spanish homework over Spring Break? Yes, and no. I met with every single student by last week Friday, to address their specific, let’s call it “track” for the remainder of the school year. Your child should have a half sheet 5-week individualized calendar, somewhere in their book bag. I’d check their Spanish notebook first, then their planner… Or perhaps, crumpled up way down in the bottom of the bag…


    To help you help your child do their best, I’m including three sample Individualized schedules. Look at the one that best describes your child’s current grade.


    “My child has a C or a D in the class”

    **First DUE DATE: Friday, April 26**


    Week 1 (The week of Spring Break):

                   Do: Unit 1: Flashcards (16)

                   Do: Unit 2: Flashcards (32)

                   Do: Unit 3: Flashcards (20)

                   Turn in: Unit 2: “Ideal Classroom design and schedule” (Google Classroom)

                   Turn in: Unit 3: “City Map and sentences” (Google Classroom)

    Week 2 (1st week back):

                   Do: Unit 1 Quiz (paper based/ teacher)

                   Do: Units 1-3 Test (paper based/ teacher)

                   Do: Meet with the teacher to discuss Week 3/ Unit 4

    Week 3:

                   Do: Unit 4

                   Do: Meet with the teacher to discuss Week 4/ Unit 5

    Week 4:

                   Do: Unit 5

                   Do: Meet with the teacher to discuss Weeks 5-7/Unit 6

    Week 5:

    Start: Unit 6


    “My child has a B- in the class”

    **First DUE DATE: Friday, April 26**


    Week 1 (The week of Spring Break):

                   Do: Unit 4: Flashcards (13)

                   Turn in: Unit 4: “Travel Itinerary and sentences” (Google Classroom)

    Week 2 (1st week back):

                   Do: Unit 4 Quiz (paper based/ teacher)

                   Do: Meet with the teacher to discuss Week 3/ Unit 5

    Week 3:

                   Do: Unit 5

                   Do: Meet with the teacher to discuss Week 4/ Unit 6

    Week 4:

                   Do: Start Unit 6

                   Do: Meet with the teacher to discuss Weeks 5-7/Unit 7

    Week 5:

                   Start: Unit 7


    “My child has a B or higher in the class BUT did not complete Unit 5”

    **First DUE DATE: Friday, April 26**


    Week 1 (The week of Spring Break):

                   Do: Unit 5: Flashcards (48)

                   Do: Unit 5: “Family tree”

                   Do: Unit 5: 30 descriptive sentences (notebook)

                   Do: Unit 5: Vocab Log (notebook)

    Week 2 (1st week back):

                   Do: Unit 5: Letter (paper based/ teacher)

                   Do: Meet with the teacher to discuss Week 3/ Unit 6

    Week 3:

                   Complete: Unit 6

    Week 4:

                   Start Unit 7

                   Do: Meet with the teacher to discuss Weeks 5-7/Unit 7

    Week 5:

                   Complete: Unit 7



    “My child has a B or higher in the class AND completed Unit 5”


    Week 1 (The week of Spring Break): Congratulations! Your child does NOT have homework!!! 😊

    Week 2: Continue Unit 6

    Week 3: Complete Unit 6

    Week 4: Start Unit 7

    Week 5: Complete Unit 7

    Week 6: Final Project Presentations/ District Test

    Week 7: Reflection/ Celebration


    Note to parents: Students must successfully complete Units 1-4 to pass the class; Unit 5 to earn the opportunity for a solid C; Unit 6 for a chance at the solid B; Students must show mastery of material covered through Unit 7, in a timely manner, to be able to excel on the final exam. As an IB program, here at Mitchell Middle School, we are committed to helping your child demonstrate “progress” throughout.

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  • Spirit Week at MtMS

    Posted by Jemina Jones on 4/12/2019

    Last week, students at MtMS participated in Spirit Week by dressing up as Marauders, crazy mismatch, professionals, decades past, and in their coziest PJs; We had so much fun!

    Below, I share with you some of the pictures taken.

    Spirit Week poster on display

    Above: Signs throughout the school displayed the daily themes for Spirit Week.


    Students dressed up as professionals

    Above: (Left to right) A marine biologist, a business man, a lifeguard, a lawyer, and a teacher.


    Career Fair on the quad

    Above: During advisory, students learned how to ask professionals about the job they do; what got them interested in their career, what they had to do to get there...


    School principal dressed up as a doctor

    Above: Dr. Dan (Mr. Anklam)


    Students in cozy PJs

    Above: the biggest turnout was on Friday, for PJ Day!!!


    Teacher in pirate costume

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  • March Madness door decoration contest

    Posted by Jemina Jones on 3/27/2019

    I'm so excited about our March Madness door decoration entry! The students worked really hard on it, some even had fun doing it ;P

    We selected University of Florida; it's one of my three alma maters...

    Below are photos of some of the student art work.

      Student made University of Florida door decorations

    Above: Student made University of Florida door decorations


    UF Gator

    Above: University of Florida Gator


    The chomp

    Above: The Chomp


    Student art work: the track

    Above: Student art work "the track"


    Student art work: Swimming and diving

    Above: Student art work "Swimming and diving"


    "Team Work"

    Above: "Team Work"

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