• A Little About Me

    My name is Mrs. Knight-Hokafonu. Feel free to call me Mrs. Knight. At Vista, I teach both PE and Health Science. In 2007, I graduated High School in the East Bay. I attended Humboldt State University where I received my Baccalaureate Degree (B.S. Kinesiology, 2011), Teaching Credentials (Health Science and Physical Education, 2012). After completing my credential, I began solidifying my teaching career in the East Bay working with inner-city families. A few years into teaching, I crazily decided to complete my Post-Baccalaureate Degree (M.S. Kinesiology, 2018) through my alma mater from over 200 miles away, while teaching full-time and coaching (along with raising a family) in the East Bay. Recently, I relocated to the greater Sacramento area and here we are, ready to get down to business and learn a little health and PE.


    Fit 1 Google Class Codes:

    • Block 2: KJNFKO
    • Block 3: 9L2UPN
    • Block 4: WVS9833


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Contact Info

  • Mrs. Knight-Hokafonu

    Vista Del Lago

    Health and PE Teacher

    Email: aknighthokafonu@fcusd.org

    Phone: (916)294-2410,

    ext: 410355 (Health), 410245 (PE)

    Semester 1 Schedule:

    Block 1: Health

    Block 2: Prep

    Block 3: Health

    Block 4: Health

    Semester 2 Schedule:

    Block 1: Prep

    Block 2: PE

    Block 3: PE

    Block 4: PE