• Hello all! 

    Welcome to Vista del Lago! I am excited to have you in my class.  

    Much of our class information will be found on our Google Classroom.  Parents - please contact me if you are interested in receiving auto-updates from our Google Classroom.


    Back To School Night

    Beginning Composition Video

    Beginning Composition Slides

    English 10 Video

    English 10 Slides

    Useful for August 12, 2020 -- first day of school

    • Introduction video I created here
    • Slides that show how to sign into Microsoft Teams (from a student point of view) here


  • Contact information:

    E-mail me: bandreasenparkins@fcusd.org



    Fall 2020 Schedule 

    1st Block: Prep

    2nd Block: English 10

    3rd Block: English 9 

    4th Block: English 10 

  • MATERIALS:  The suggested materials list includes:

    • a blue or black pen
    • sharpened pencil with eraser
    • red pen (not a crayon, marker, pencil, or highlighter) for correcting only
    • highlighter
    • binder with loose-leaf paper AND 5 dividers,
    • workbook if assigned (Not applicable yet),
    • school agenda/planner
    • Flash Cards - (You can always cut them in half to make them last longer.)
    • If you are not able to obtain these items, please contact me IMMEDIATELY!
    • Final drafts of writing assignments and reports must be word-processed.