• Upcoming Assignments/Due Dates

    All details/assignment pages are located on Google Classroom.

    Please note that dates are subject to change. 


    UNIT 1: Argument

     Formative Ted Talk Appeals: TR 8/22/19

    Formative Rhetorical Appeals: T 8/27/19

    Formative Precis: TR 8/29/19

    Roots #1 Quiz: FRI 8/30/19


    Summative Argumentative Essay: FRI 9/13/19



  • Hello all! 

    Welcome to Vista del Lago! I am excited to have you in my class. 

     Beginning Composition is a introductory writing course for 9th grade students at Vista

    The class focuses on Argument Centered Writing –every piece of writing is an argument that the author is advancing to the reader.


    Unit 1: Argument
    Unit 2: This I Believe
    Unit 3: Press Play
    Unit 4: On-Demand Writing


    Much of our class information will be found on our Google Classroom.  Parents - please contact me if you are interested in receiving auto-updates from our Google Classroom.





  • Welcome to Vista del Lago High School and Beginning Composition!

    Contact information:

    E-mail me: bandreasenparkins@fcusd.org



    Fall 2019 Schedule 

    1st Block: Prep

    2nd Block: Beginning Composition - G-105

    3rd Block: Beginning Composition - G-105

    4th Block: Beginning Composition - G-105

  • MATERIALS:  The suggested materials list includes:

    • a blue or black pen
    • sharpened pencil with eraser
    • red pen (not a crayon, marker, pencil, or highlighter) for correcting only
    • highlighter
    • binder with loose-leaf paper AND 5 dividers,
    • workbook if assigned (Not applicable yet),
    • school agenda/planner
    • Flash Cards - (You can always cut them in half to make them last longer.)
    • If you are not able to obtain these items, please contact me IMMEDIATELY!
    • Final drafts of writing assignments and reports must be word-processed.