• Welcome to the  FMS Social Science Department


    Students will have a blast this year in history.  The following areas will be taught:

    • ancient history and geography in grade 6
      • Trimester 1- Early Man, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Kush
      • Trimester 2-  Isreal, Greece,  Rome
      • Trimester 3- India, China
    • medieval history and geography in grade 7
      • Trimester 1- Fall of Rome and Christianity,  Medieval Europe, Islam, India and the Middle Ages
      • Trimester 2- Imperial China, Korea and Japan,  Central and South America, African Civilizations
      • Trimester 3-  World Religions, New Ideas, Age of exploration and trade
    • United States history from 1607- 1914 in grade 8
      • Trimester 1- Geography, Colonies, American Revolution, Constitution and Bill of Rights
      • Trimester 2- Establishing a Nation(1789-1845), Westward Expansion, Reform, Causes of Sectionalism
      • Trimeser 3- Civil War, Reconstruction, Homesteading and the West, Politics, Industry and Reform

    Students will be completing maps, timelines, analyzing primary sources, researching, making presentations etc. in class.

    If there is a concern regarding a state standard or issue in class, please contact the teacher first. The CA content standards, framework and c-3 framework are listed below for reference.

    CA content standards

    CA history framework

    c-3 framework- career readiness


    Wish list: disenfectant wipes, white copy paper, kleenex * the department agreed on these items but some teachers have additional requests.