Curriculum and Instruction

  • Curriculum & Instruction 
       Vision Statement

    Provide support for teachers, administrators and families
    in order to facilitate at or above grade level learning for
    ALL students while simultaneously continuing to
    promote social-emotional development.


    Curriculum & Instruction
    Mission Statement

    To ensure ALL students are able to function within a culturally diverse society and excel in a global arena, the Curriculum and Instruction team collaborates to promote high levels of
    student learning and the creation of safe learning environments by providing support for:

    • equitable grade-level (or above) curricular learning for ALL students
    • the implementation of rigorous curriculum and coursework that is both challenging and engaging
      • Including the promotion of opportunities, programs and strategies for intervention and remediation (RTI2)
    • well-prepared and effective instruction through the delivery of professional development on research affirmed practices
    • the establishment and implementation of shared success-criteria (mastery) that is common across the district
    • the development and analysis of district-designed common assessment(s) that support the essential learning agreed upon in the same course across the district
    • the use of data to drive both instruction and professional development
    • the alignment of student performance to subject area standards (e.g. standards based grading).
    • families to develop predispositions for lifelong learning by supplying resources and educational opportunities




  • Jim Huber, Ed. D.
    Assistant Superintendent,
    K-12 Curriculum and Instruction
    916.294.9000 x104580

    Joy Cleaver
    Administrative Assistant 
    916.294.9000 x104580

    K-12 Lead Teacher English Language Arts
    (916) 294-9000 x103655
    Stephanie Hammer
    K-12 Lead Teacher Math
    (916) 294-9000 ext 103657
    K-12 Lead Teacher Science
    (916) 294-9000 ext 103652
    K-12 Lead Teacher History/Social Science 
    (916) 294-9000 ext 103651
    K-12 Lead Teacher Education Technology
    (916) 294-9000 x103226
    Principal Riverview STEM Academy, STEM Lead
    (916) 294-2435