Computer Basics

  • Prepare for the Workforce 

    No Technical Skills Required. These courses are appropriate for students who want to develop basic computer skills.  

    Classes are FREE!

    • Intro to computers
    • Intro to MS Word
    • Intro to MS Excel
    • Into to PowerPoint


    • Keyboarding
    • Understand hardware/software and applications
    • Understand network capabilities
    • Identify Windows Navigation components
    • Maximize Internet capabilities
    • Configure and manage MS Outlook calendar, contacts, and tasks
    • Create/edit/format MS Word documents
    • Use spell and grammar check
    • Insert anf format graphics, text boxes, and shapes in MSWord
    • Create/edit/format/print MSExcel Spreadsheets

    Monday and Wednesday

    For more information call 916-294-9106


    Class may be canceled if minimum enrollment is not met. 



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