• Welcome to Ms. Brown's Class!


    Distance Learning Update

    Hello to my students! 

    I wanted to let you know that I will post updates in Schoology about assignments. Log into your District Google Account, go to fcusd.schoology.com, and log in using your same District Google Account. I will also continue to update my website here.

    My virtual "office hours" are Monday - Friday, 1:00-3:00. I will be avaliable during this time to respond to messages on Schoology and emails. 

    While Schoology will serve as a way for me to connect with you, answer questions, and provide updates about assignments, most of our work will be completed via Google Classroom, linked below.

    I hope you are all staying well, and I truly miss seeing you everyday. Keep healthy and positive!

    Ms. Brown

    Google Classroom




    Q: Will assignments given for distance learning through Schoology or Google Classroom be graded? 

    A: Assignments completed for distance learning will NOT count as part of students' grade. I will "grade" the assignment for feedback so students will still be able to track whether or not they are meeting learning targets, but the score will NOT be calculated into the overall grade. It will be marked in PowerSchool with a green check for "collected" if it was submitted and I provided feedback and with an yellow square for "missing" if it was not submitted, but neither of these will in any way affect students' grades.

    Q: What about assignments completed and put in PowerSchool BEFORE our school's closure? 

    A: Assignments completed before the school's closure will remain in PowerSchoo and scores are still visable, but are marked as "not included in final grade." If a student would like to make corrections to these assignments for an improved score notes on ther assignment in PowerSchool) or turn in a missing assignment ("M" in PowerSchool), they may do so by completing it and sending me a message in Schoology or an email telling me they have completed the work and I will update the score in PowerSchool to reflect this. If you have questions about a specific assignment, first read the note I have left on the assignment in PowerSchool (click on the score to see), then message or email me if you still are unsure about how to proceed. Again, these assignments will NOT be included in the final grade.

    Q: What will grades overall look like?

    A: According to the district's guidelines for grading due to distance learning, "Grades 6-8 students will receive Pass or No Mark for each course. All report cards will reflect a move to distance learning. Teachers will assign Pass or No Mark based on students’ grades on or before the schools’ shutdown, March 13, 2020. Students previously at risk to earn a No Mark will have the opportunity to earn a pass. Teachers will continue to provide feedback and progress towards meeting guaranteed and viable standards to students and families." 

    Q: Will you hold regular conferences or virtual class meetings? 

    A: I may occasionally provide students the opportunity to connect with our class through video conferencing. I will post an Update in Schoology with the time and instructions for how to participate. This will be OPTIONAL, and purely if students would like the opportunity to check in with me and the rest of the class or ask any particular questions. Students may also always send me a message via Schoology or email me with questions if they wish. 

    Q: What are your virtual "office hours" and what does this mean? 

    A: Between 1:00 and 3:00 every Monday through Friday, I will be at my computer to answer any Schoology messages or emails at katbrown@fcsud.org. Should students need to contact me, I will be avaliabe to respond during these hours. 


    I could not be more thrilled to be starting a new year here at Sutter Middle School! This will be my third year at Sutter, and I am ready to make it the best one yet! Before coming to Sutter, I taught both middle and high school English and English Language Development in the area. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in music from California State University, Sacramento and went on to complete my Master of Arts degree in English with a concentration in literature and my single subject teaching credential in English there as well. I am excited to learn and grow with my students and I know that with hard work, kindness, and support for each other we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. Students, be prepared to work hard and learn a lot this year!


    A Note to Parents: The best way you can help your student stay on track this year is to check Powerschool regularly. You may also check the online agenda I keep here on my teacher website for daily updated agendas and assignments. This can be found on the page for your student's class using the links to the left. These are tools that will greatly help ensure you and your student are aware of what is due, how they are doing, and what they can do to improve.


    If you might be able to help our classroom by donating any of these items, it would be greatly appreciated by all. Thank you for your support!

    • Tissues
    • Hand santitizer
    • Disinfecting wipes
    • Printer paper
    • Binder paper
    • Pencils/Pens 


    Teaching Philosophy

    My approach to teaching begins with recognizing every student’s potential and holding the highest expectations for all students. Students perform their best when they know that their teacher supports them and recognizes their abilities. Additionally, students must be offered the opportunity to learn they way they learn best, and as such it is important that I know my students in order to provide them with the tools they need to be successful and identify what methods of differentiation might be applied to my instructional practices. I work to ensure my students can succeed and maintain a growth mindset and want nothing more than for them to be able to learn in an environment in which they feel challenged, safe, valued, and respected. I look forward to supporting every student's success in my classes this year!