• Welcome to the Snowoard Club! We are hoping for lots of snow this year and we are looking forward to going on many trips as the season gets underway!


    Please check the Calendar for any upcoming Meetings or Events. We will be starting up with more meetings once winter has arrived.


    We need everyone to fill out an Activity Participation Form to be able to be in the club and turn it in ASAP.

    Here is the link for the Form :









    yee yee https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByZWW9YrXXZWdEhHaTNVZFphUGc/view

  • Club President: Garet Homer

    (916) 467-6686


    Vice President: Collin Homer

    (916) 990-5687

    Treasurer: Will Carrera

    (916) 960-3190

    Secretary: Elizabeth Struble

    (916) 224-7343

    Advisor: Ms. Alber