Welcome back Natoma Station Cheetahs!

    Welcome to the new school year Natoma Station families! We are excited to have you and your child as part our learning community. Our dedicated and professional staff has worked hard to prepare their classrooms for an exciting year of learning. If you are new to Natoma Station, we hope you will feel right at home and get involved in our school community.

    I am excited to introduce Hanna Johnson, who joined our team as our new Kinder/1st Grade combo teacher. We have also had some staffing and room changes this year. Sandi Hathaway is teaching 2nd grade in room 11, Hayley Doe is teaching 2nd grade in room 10, Gary Harding is teaching 4th grade in room 6, and Nancy Shishido is teaching kindergarten in room K3. Ivy Monahan will continue to teach our moderate/severe 1st – 5th program in room 18 and Jodi Ruh will continue to teach our moderate/severe preschool program in room 15. Maritza Perez is joining our team as our Bilingual Instructional Assistant and Susan Sherman will be heading up our Special Friends program.

    This school year will bring a continued focus on Common Core standards and integrating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) activities at Natoma Station. We are excited to continue to refine our implementation of Benchmark Advance and SIPPS, the language arts curricula adopted by the District last year. We will continue to focus on improving learner outcomes by focusing on continuing to build collective teacher efficacy through grade level professional collaboration. We will also continue to integrate STEM activities into both the language arts and math programs. Our school wide efforts to ensure that we are celebrating diversity, promoting inclusion, and building character are part of our Positive Behavior Intervention Support Program (PBIS). This year, we have invested in providing additional resources to support the social-emotional health of all of our students. The recent (and much anticipated) installation of our playground buddy bench has been part of this effort.

    Our dedicated PTO is once again gearing up to play the lead on an assortment of community building, enrichment, and educational programs. The math parent workshop on September 7th is the result of our strong PTO-school partnership. There will be a PTO clubs expo on September 8th at 2:15-3:15 to showcase the many after-school enrichment clubs that we hope to make available to our students. Finally, PTO is hosting a Luau dance on September 22 to bring our families together and strengthen our school community. Shelby Maddux, our PTO President, and many other Board members will be present to welcome you and answer questions at our first PTO meeting on Wednesday, September 6th in our school library. We invite you all to come out and get involved.

    Our office is always open to you. Please feel free to call, email, or come in whenever you have questions. 

    At Natoma Station every day is a great day to learn something new!  We are delighted to have you and your child join us on this amazing learning journey.


    ~ Vickie Boudouris


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