• The Natoma Station Educational Foundation (PTO) exists for the sole purpose of enhancing the educational opportunities for students at Natoma Station Elementary School.  The Foundation is engaged in developing community support for school activities, raising funds for program improvements, and enhancing the overall quality of the school.  All funds shall be devoted to this purpose. 
    Meet the 2020-2021 PTO Board

    President – Nicole Tilson

    Vice President – Melissa Messer

    Secretary – Ajit Vaidya

    Treasurer – Melody Benavides

    Financial Secretary – Michelle Hadsell

    Art (Great Artist Program) – Stacie DeWitt

    Box Tops – Debs Hughes

    Cheetah Chase – Scott Tilson

    Cheetah Wear – Amy Pelzner

    Communications - Kristin Hallstrom

    Family Events – Melissa Messer

    Field Day –  Debs Hughes

    Membership – Michelle Hadsell, Amy Pelzner

    Philanthropy – Lucy Suazo

    Teacher Appreciation – Nicole Ball, Natalie Doughtery

    Trunk or Treat – Laura Porterfield, Nicole Ball, Monique Vincelli

    Winter Wonderland Pancake Breakfast - Monique Vincelli

    Yearbook – Mary Swick


    CHARLIE CHEETAH - Laura Kelley

  • Cheetah Chase Donation?



Getting Involved with the PTO

  • Want to get involved?  
    Contact:  NatomaStationPTO@gmail.com