• Hello parents, guardians, and students of room 30. I am busy getting the classroom ready for a year of learning and fun. I can't wait to meet you and start our year together. 
    A little about me, I am origionally from Grass Valley and went to Chico for school. I've lived in the Sacramento area for the past 5 years and really like the area. I have a beauitful niece and two amazing nephews who I love dearly.
    I am starting my sixth year of teaching. I come from Lodi Unified School District where I taught K/1 and 1/2 SDC students with a wide range of abilities. I had a great time in Lodi, but wanted to cut down on my commute time. I have heard great things about the Folsom-Cordova school district and decided this is a district I want to be part of. 
    I want you to know that I will work as hard as I can for your student. Together this year we will stretch, grow, change, and challenge each other.
  •  Hello
    Catherine Volmer
    Special Education Teacher
    Room 30
    916-294-9165 Ext. 640501