• Hello, and Welcome to my website.

    I am Dr. Karen Romito, teacher for Special Education English and Study Skills at FHS.  I can be reached by telephone at (916) 294-2400 extension 415205.  I am in classroom A106 when we are on campus.

    Some basic information:

    * I prefer to be addressed as "Ms. Romito" by students, and Karen by adults.


    * Class schedule for this year: Supported English 1-2 first period and Study Skills periods 2 & 3.

    *You will find a set of free access websites to support student learning in English and Math.  You can find them under the "Helpful Websites" tab.

    *You can find class policies, including grading and student expectations on the "Classroom Policies" tab.


    Please feel free to contact me via phone or email at kromito@fcusd.org.  I am happy to have a virtual meeting or phone call at your convenience any time I am not in class or IEP meetings.

    While we are in distance learning, I can also be reached on my cell at (916) 221-1028.  Please note that it helps if you text me first with your name and your student's name so I recognize the number!

    I look forward to working with you!