• Hello, and Welcome to my website.

    I am Dr. Karen Romito, teacher for Integrated Math 2 Foundations and Study Skills and Division Lead supporting special education at FHS.  I can be reached by telephone at (916) 294-2400 extension 415205.  I am in classroom A106.


    I prefer to be addressed as "Mrs. Romito" by students, and as Karen by adults.

    Class schedule for this year includes IM2 Foundations periods 2 & 3, and Study Skills periods 1 & 4.

    If you need support with Geometry. please click the "Helpful Websites" tab.

    I have a comprehensive set of classroom policies, including grade weighting and student expectations on the "Classroom Policies" tab for your review.


    Please feel free to contact me via phone or email at kromito@fcusd.org.

    I look forward to working with you!